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ImageBeing at the core of many projects (Ammo, Ambre, Axiome, Dead Hollywood Stars, Moonsanto...) and collaborations (with Mick Harris, Mark Spybey, Xingu Hill...), Holland-based C-drík comes back with “Etats des lieux” to his very first project, Crno Klank with a first CD album which presents across 11 tracks the vast array of material which has been written under this name. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Started in 1989, then paused in order to focus on other projects, Crno Klank was reborn a few years ago, as the electronic part of a performance collective featuring singers, african percussions and throat chants (and which for example was used for the “Les machines” performance, directed by Joël Splingard). Indeed, the tribal and raw aspect of this phase of Crno Klank is what made this project take the steps which led to “Etats des lieux”. “I got the idea of recording some ethno-industrial noise music, a mix between Korean, black African percussion and old school industrial and noise”, says C-Drík

What he now describes as “something cruder than my main projects, more simple maybe, a tribal modernism” sees the light of the day in a balance between scrapping noise, sharp compositions and a way of playing around with ethnic rhythms which goes far beyond sampling or copying. While the sound are definitely electronic, it is in their arrangements, in their patterns, that one will find the ethnic influences which are at the foundation of Crno Klank.

A decisive step for “Crno Klank”, the “Etats des lieux” CD was written with sampler, computer, zurna and metalpercussions, and is based on both recent material and old tracks, re-written for the album. “This is an introduction to a sort of tribal industrial, I'll go further for the next one.” concludes C-Drík. And seldom was an introduction so dense, standing alone as a complex work by itself.

Crno Klank
Etat Des Lieux
Release date:
December 2003

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Tracklisting: 1. état des stocks
2. dromers
3. l'usine cent rhumes
4. petit commerce
5. knechtssinn
6. verzwaring der verzwakking
7. tour de force
8. ontdekkingsreis
9. schneider schnee
10. engourdissement
11. poëzie

Artwork by Ben Didier.


mp3:Etat Des Stocks

L'Usine Cent Rhumes

Tour De Force (excerpt)

Engourdissement (excerpt)
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