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ImageTwo years after the colossal "Radio 1940", in which James Keeler had transcribed his conceptions of the 40's into music, Wilt is back with a new album (his third on Ad Noiseam), looking this time definitely further ahead. Progressing from his mostly atmospheric works, Wilt now integrates new elements into his encompassing sound, implementing cut-ups, modern electronics and a multitude of different styles. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
A sound designer at heart, James Keeler once again used a variety of instruments and devices to create "As giants watch over us". A display of high resolution ambiance and up to date composition, this new album offers a fresh view of Wilt's creation, as James Keeler here incorporates various elements and influences of today's electronic music into his drones and sound-layering.

The modern aspect of "As giants watch over us" however does not end at the sound design. The focus of this new Wilt album is indeed current matters. As he did with "Radio 1940", James Keeler tries (and manages) to find sonorities which speak and evoke the underlying themes of the album, not walking the easy way of sampling and quoting

Wilt's most accomplished album so far, "As giants watch over us" is in the very words of Keeler "a sonic declaration of political unrest, social engineering and coming plagues". A soundtrack to demise and prophecies, this album is Wilt's take at the world of today, circling the listener in the deep and highly rewarding sound of Wilt.

Additional sounds contributed by Miles Tilmann and Steve Brand (Augur).


The coming plague e.p. CDR - no catalog number

1. The coming plague (album track)
2. Amplified furnace
3. The damnation helix

This CDR will be given for free to anybody ordering both Wilt's albums "As giants watch over us" and "Radio 1940" from the Ad Noiseam online store.

Track 1 taken from "As giants watch over us". Track 2 and 3 taken from the recording sessions for the album.

As giants watch over us
Release date:
April 2004

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Tracklisting: 1. Empire of the snake
2. As giants watch over us
3. The mystery of iniquity
4. The disappearance of man
5. The fiddler and the fool
6. The coming plague
7. Blindfold
8. Media labyrinth
9. Engineering eternity
10. Reversing magnetism
11. Tangled in briars
12. Wires for nerves
13. Tapestry

Artwork by James Keeler.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Wilt - wilt.adnoiseam.net

mp3: The mystery of iniquity


Reversing magnetism (excerpt)

Tapestry (excerpt)

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