Panacea & Knifehandchop "Street Chic" - adn37
ImageReturning to Ad Noiseam after his first collaboration CD on this label ("Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred"), Panacea brings Knifehandchop with him, for a 12" which is assured to shake the dancefloor. Stop taking yourself so seriously, smile, enjoy and dance.
Epic drum'n'bass anthems meet tongue in cheek gabber with a smile. The icon of German hard d'n'b meets the Canadian wiz kid of gabber-turned-human. Panacea meets Knifehandchop, and delivers tracks tailored for the dancefloor. Here is not something spooky for black clad teenagers with an attitude, but rather for good mood fitting good music. But what else to expect when these two names offer remixes of some of their best known tracks (Panacea's infectious "Chartbreaka" and Knifehandchop's "Hooked on ebonics" anthem), on top of two new pieces?

Panacea emerged in the 1990's with his now cult dark and noisy albums "Low Profile Darkness" and "Twisted Designz", before storming the club as one of the most active and recognized German producer of drum'n'bass, proving with the recent "Underground superstardom" and "German engineering" (all on Position Chrome) that it was still possible to infuse hard sounds and complexity into drum'n'bass and still keep the music accessible and human. On the other side, Knifehandchop started with two albums on UK's Irritant records before joining force with Tigerbeat6 for two records and the acclaimed "Rockstopper" album, in which his gabber roots and humoristic approach reached their peak.


Panacea and Knifehandchop
Street Chic
Release date:
May 22nd, 2004

Tracklisting: A1: Knifehandchop: Hooked on Ebonics (Panacea Fagouette Colette remix)
A2: Panacea: Chartbreaka (Knifehandchop's electro diva remix)
B1: Knifehandchop: 2 days ago
B2: Panacea: Flash yo fire


mp3:Panacea: Chartbreaka (Knifehandchop's electro diva remix, excerpt)

Knifehandchop: 2 days ago (excerpt)

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