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ImageMothboy is London-based Simon Smerdon. Starting as a bass player for hardcore and metal bands in his native Devon, he turned to electronic music after his move to London in 1996, forming Ocosi shortly thereafter. He then recorded two Cds with this band (one with Mick Harris of Scorn fame and one with Ad Noiseam band mate Horchata) before quitting the band in 1999. Mothboy was then born as Smerdon’s main project. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Unwillingly pigeonholed as part of the “dark hop” scene (with Scorn, Techno Animal, Spectre and DJ Spooky as Figurehead), Mothboy deliberately mix his own blend of huge bass and downtempo rhythms with much more energetic elements. Drawing from his taste for the Beastie Boys, Basic Channel and Meat Beat Manifesto, Mothboy writes track that can be mixed not only in the most furious noise set, but also together with more organic and groove based music.

Featuring Mick Harris’s beats on two tracks as well as Matthew Jeanes (Larvae, whose "Mecha” track had been remixed by Mothboy for the Ad Noiseam released “Monster Music” single) and Michael Palace (Horchata) and the MC Akira The Don on “All the wrong places”, “The fears” is the fitting introduction album to Mothboy, who has already been generating quite a stir in the United Kingdom with his frequent live shows.

Shortly before the recording of “The fears”, Smerdon described the perfect Mothboy album as “50% live instruments and 50% electronics. A simple idea would be something with very loud subs, big drum sounds, big atmospherics, punk droney voices, turntables, discordant live instruments, false starts, false endings and big grooves. Something you could dance to and have your head done in at the same time.” Ad Noiseam is proud to release this project’s debut album, fitting Mothboy’s hopes and talent. Insolently noisy, “The fears” also features several parts recorded by Smerdon’s jazz band and is a lot more than a collection of sparse tracks, but a work of homogeneity, humanity, and sheer energy.

The Fears
Release date:
October 2004

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Tracklisting: 1. We don't ride with vampyres
2. X in his territory - featuring Mick Harris
3. Stuck in a moment - featuring Larvae
4. Second spin r.i.p.
5. A303
6. Archives on fire
7. Spiders
8. Folk
9. All the wrong places - featuring Akira the Don and Mick Harris
10. Rewind, erase and replace
11. Becoming solar
12. Fear baby fear
13. Shakes - featuring Horchata

+ video tracks:
1. Musick box
2. Come on baby

Stills and logo by Graham Burchett, artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.


mp3:X In His Territory


A303 (excerpt)

Becoming solar (excerpt)

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