AZ-Rotator "Science Of Chance" - adn50
ImageThe debut album by Spanish sensation AZ-Rotator is a detailed-to-the-bone combination of fractal beats, beautiful harmonies and abrupt breaks. Constantly on the move, these tracks are the result of a careful digital trickery, pushing the envelope of what can be re-invented with complex electronic music, and how tasty it can be. “Science of chance” is an album of uncommon beauty, paired with a masterful sense for electronic composition. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Bong-Ra / Enduser / Shitmat "Monsters Of Mashup" - adn49
ImageBong-Ra, Enduser and Shitmat, three artists perfectly embodying the mashup sounds, are embarking in May 2005 for a long tour that will bring them all over Europe. „Monsters of Mashup“ is the testimony of these three musicians’ sound, and an accurate snapshot of the sound they will unleash during their set. (Get this as mp3)
Larvae "Empire" - adn48
ImageFollowing the "Fashion Victim" album and its "Monster Music" introductory single, "Empire" is a “different” release for Larvae. Having presented his music live worldwide, Matthew Jeanes realized that he had more expectations to live up to than ever before. He was not struggling anymore to find an audience for his weird beats, and heavy basses. People were dancing, praising the shows, and asking for more. And still, he knew that the second album would be of a much more laid back and quieter answer to "Fashion Victim". The off-the-hook, part novelty "Monster Music" had to find a sequel. But still, the Godzilla reference had to be put to rest, and "Empire" was born. (Get this on 12" / Get this as mp3)
Bong-Ra "Grindkrusher" - adn47
ImageFew artists have such a successful and remarked discography as Jason Kohnen, aka Bong-Ra. This Dutch electronic musician has made a name for himself over the recent years with his perfectly produced releases, always enriched with intense care for details, ranging from amazing artworks to the participation of other talented artists of all fields. (Get this on 12" / as mp3).
Enduser "Run War" - adn46
ImageFirst full length album for Enduser on Ad Noiseam, on which Lynn Standafer presents a selection of 17 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2000 and 2004. Here are the tunes, played relentlessly at shows and parties, which paved the way to Enduser's well earned recognition. Old demo tracks were re-worked and re-mastered to meet the high quality of Enduser's most recent material. (Get this as mp3)
Enduser "Mashed Up And Beatdown" - adn45
ImageIn 2004, Lynn Standafer made you move your belly to the sound of his "Bollywood Breaks" (adn41), and returns here with a record paying tribute to one of his best known track, the hard, rocket-propelled "Beatdown". Pressed onto vinyl for the first time, this treat for daring DJs comes along with new, reworked versions. (Get this as mp3)
Mad EP "Eating Movies" - adn44
ImageMad E.P. is here to stay. This has been said before and will be said again. Combining the rich, diverse and musically very mature work on "Eating movies" with numerous concerts and the impressive feedback given to the previous "When I'm 6" (qualified as "one of the essential alternative hip hop records of 2004"), "Eating movies" is here to marvel at, to enjoy, to head nod and dance to, to scare and impress. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cdatakill "The Cursed Species" - adn43
ImageSo, rave is back, they say. Old icons are making their come back, squat parties flourish and the audience of electronic music want to dance more and sit less. That’s where Cdatakill’s second full length album comes in. Speaking of how old-school sounds and energy are reappearing on the front stage, Zak Roberts (Cdatakill) says "I wanted to reclaim them, make them mine, not leave them to happy hardcore". (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Mad EP "When I'm 6" - adn42
ImageAd Noiseam is very proud to present here Mad e.p.’s first release (and how could one have said no to such a demo?). With such a display of talent, Mad e.p. is to leave a mark wherever his music threads, and “When I’m 6” might very well become the long time classic that sets the first stone. (Get this as mp3)
Enduser "Bollywood Breaks" - adn41
ImageWhile Lynn Standafer’s recent output might have had their roots in his current home of Cincinnati or in some back alley of Kingston, Jamaica, it is on the heights of the Himalaya and in the most glamour Hindi temple that we find him this time. Enduser and Ad Noiseam are glad to invite you to a breakcore party at the Taj Mahal. (Get this on 12" / on CD / as mp3)

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