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ImageAd Noiseam is very proud to present here Mad e.p.’s first release (and how could one have said no to such a demo?). With such a display of talent, Mad e.p. is to leave a mark wherever his music threads, and “When I’m 6” might very well become the long time classic that sets the first stone. (Get this as mp3)
An experienced cellist and classical musical producer with years of music studies behind him, Matthew Peters, the man behind Mad e.p., doesn’t write music for the close minded. It is not enough for him that he produced the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra radioshow, for theatre plays in New York City, or that his cello lines were used by Venetian Snares and Leafcutter John. After years of writing music and collaborating with vocalists and musicians, the time has come for Mad e.p. to present his art as it should be experienced. Following a split CD with Abstract Polygon on Tribal Treble, a 7” on Budget Cuts Music, and remarked concerts in NYC, Mad e.p.. joins the Ad Noiseam team with the “When I’m 6” 12”, to be followed in late 2004 by the “Eating Movies” full length CD.

“When I’m 6” is Mad e.p.’s first solo release, based on a track written several years ago but which hasn’t aged at all. Presented alongside remixes by long time collaborators Jason Forrest (a.k.a. Donna Summer), End and Chaonaut, by Ad Noiseam label mate Mothboy or enriched with the vocals by Equivalant, this track is a delicate nostalgic ode, and still a surprisingly gritty, unsettling and complexly interwoven work.

Break beats, electronica, abstract hip hop, IDM, soundscapes, call it as you like, Mad e.p. cooks without a recipe. Juggling in an insolent way with instruments, genres and referrences, Mad e.p. navigates in an area which he is himself shaping, somewhere between electronic wizardry, soulful hip hop, groove, breaks, jazz a healthy dose of gritty noise. Mind you, this all fits well with Jason Forrest’s spliced disco, End’s joyful mashed up beats, Mothboy rumbling basses and Chaonaut's whispering glitches.

Mad EP
When I'm 6
Release date:
October 2004

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Tracklisting:A1. When I'm 6
A2. When I'm 6 (Mastodon88razor remix by Jason Forrest / Donna Summer)
A3. When I'm sick (vocals by Equivalant)
B1. When I'm 6 (remix by End)
B2. When I'm 6 (remix by Mothboy)
B3. When I'm 7 (remix by Chaonaut)

Artwork by Jason Hieronymus.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Mad EP:

mp3:When I'm 6 (excerpt)

When I'm 6 (Mastodon88razor remix by Jason Forrest, excerpt)

When I'm Sick (excerpt)

When I'm 6 (Mothboy remix, excerpt) (excerpt)

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