Cdatakill "The Cursed Species" - adn43
ImageSo, rave is back, they say. Old icons are making their come back, squat parties flourish and the audience of electronic music want to dance more and sit less. That’s where Cdatakill’s second full length album comes in. Speaking of how old-school sounds and energy are reappearing on the front stage, Zak Roberts (Cdatakill) says "I wanted to reclaim them, make them mine, not leave them to happy hardcore". (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Never short of a surprise, Zak Roberts presents his own mix of hard hitting, danceable sounds and broken rhythms as a follow up to the warmer and noisier "Paradise" (also released on Ad Noiseam). No atmospheric tracks this time around, but a major effort in building coherent and complex tracks. He adds "I think my future tracks are going to be a lot more experimental, but this one had to be hard. And hard it is.

"The Cursed Species", with its long tracks and epic moments ("Reclamation song") works as a soundtrack to the meanest videogame, the darkest movie. And yet we are not speaking here of old recipe and tired sounds. This album is also one in which Cdatakill’s writing skills reach new heights, gaining in complexity and structure. Leaving behind most of the old breakcore theme designs, Cdatakill’s new avatar is one of highly thought out arrangements and mixes, bringing a very fresh view on the topic of beat-driven electronic music.

Ad Noiseam is proud to release this album, showing how hard, efficient beats can be used in a way which is both enjoyable and original. The fruit of a long writing process, "The cursed species" is an album that will surprise by his strength and yet astonish by his details and subtility. "The Cursed Species" is an album whose bite will leave a lasting mark.

The Cursed Species
Release date:
October 2004

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Tracklisting: 1. Exorcise the demons
2. Hymn of the siamese
3. Swarm of vicious angels
4. How to kill people and get away with it
5. Eve Ill
6. Reclamation song
7. Walking uphill into hell
8. Graceless
9. Predatory behavior
10. A death worth re-living

Artwork by Aurélien Police, design by Nicolas Chevreux.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.


mp3:Hymn Of The Siamese

Eve Ill

How To Kill People And Get Away With It (excerpt)

Reclamation Song (excerpt)

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