Enduser "Mashed Up And Beatdown" - adn45
ImageIn 2004, Lynn Standafer made you move your belly to the sound of his "Bollywood Breaks" (adn41), and returns here with a record paying tribute to one of his best known track, the hard, rocket-propelled "Beatdown". Pressed onto vinyl for the first time, this treat for daring DJs comes along with new, reworked versions. (Get this as mp3)
Enduser is known for constantly managing to mix very hard, noisy breaks and beats with a very acute sense for catchiness and infectious, epic vocals. “Beatdown” is no exception, as crowded dance floors have proved. From parties all over North America to concerts in Europe and Japan, this artist, newly relocated to Berlin, knows what’s best for people who like their beat crunchy and their vocals angry.

And yes, let’s not forget the “mashed up”. Six well known producers also offer their takes at “Beatdown” on this record. Doormouse, head of Addict Records, opens the ball with his syncopated, tongue in cheek remix. Terminal11 and Xanopticon destroy and speed up the track like none would have thought possible, while Mothboy turns it into a dirty, rusty broken Detroit tune. You want more? Here comes the Society Suckers crew, with their powerful and catchy remix, or Line47, infusing the original with melodies and calm.

Mash up, beat down. Move your feet and nod your head. A hard tune has never hurt more than a dancefloor.

Mashed Up And Beatdown
Release date:
Feb 15th, 2005

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Tracklisting: A1. Enduser - Beatdown
A2. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Doormouse)
A3. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Terminal11)
A4. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Mothboy)
B1. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Society Suckers)
B2. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Line47)
B3. Enduser - Beatdown (remix by Xanopticon)

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Photography by Daniela Knuth. Layout by Nicolas Chevreux.

Information:Enduser: http://enduser.sonicterror.net

mp3:Beatdown (excerpt)

Beatdown (remix by Mothboy, excerpt)

Beatdown (remix by Society Suckers, excerpt)

Beatdown (remix by Xanopticon, excerpt)

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