Enduser "Run War" - adn46
ImageFirst full length album for Enduser on Ad Noiseam, on which Lynn Standafer presents a selection of 17 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 2000 and 2004. Here are the tunes, played relentlessly at shows and parties, which paved the way to Enduser's well earned recognition. Old demo tracks were re-worked and re-mastered to meet the high quality of Enduser's most recent material. (Get this as mp3)
Ranging from the most beautiful tones (“Under my bed”, “Choppin lambs”) to the hardest rhythms (“Blastin muthafuckaz”, “War on war”), “ Run War” displays the broad range of styles and genres at which Enduser excels. Whether hard or soft, Lynn Standafer's music makes a challenging, driven electronic beat meet a human core, presented in the form of soulful melodies and well found vocals. Juggling with epic ragga anthems and soft female voices, Enduser's “ Run War” is a cohesive patchwork of various atmospheres, all brought together with a raw, and still warm touch.

A perfect collection for both the old Enduser fan and the newcomer, “ Run War” will make its audience head nod, dance, and approve of the clever choices presented here. Atmospheres collide with staccato beats, voices are chopped by precise beats, the whole thing on a thick bass served with powerful beats. Tested at numerous shows in his native USA and his new European home, the tracks on this album are the heart of Enduser's repertoire, and Ad Noiseam is proud to be able to finally give them a proper home.

Run War
Release date:
Feb 15th, 2005

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Tracklisting: 1. Red Meth
2. Under My Bed
3. Dubplate #12
4. Dissin Monks
5. Diggin Graves
6: Choppin Lambs
7. Bounty Drilla
8. Vicodin
9. Esb rmx
10. My favourite black t-shirt
11. Blastin Muthafuckaz
12. Rohypnol Beats
13. Armageddon in dub
14. Battement morte
15. Glock dub
16. War on war
17. Happy days (real mix)

"Happy days (real mix)": original track by Curtis Chip. Original appears on adn38 and zod13. An alternate Enduser remix appears on adn38 as well.

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Photography by Daniela Knuth. Layout by Nicolas Chevreux.

Information:Enduser: http://enduser.sonicterror.net

mp3:Under My Bed

Blastin Mothafuckaz

Choppin Lambs (excerpt)

Rohypnol Beats (excerpt)

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