Bong-Ra / Enduser / Shitmat "Monsters Of Mashup" - adn49
ImageBong-Ra, Enduser and Shitmat, three artists perfectly embodying the mashup sounds, are embarking in May 2005 for a long tour that will bring them all over Europe. „Monsters of Mashup“ is the testimony of these three musicians’ sound, and an accurate snapshot of the sound they will unleash during their set. (Get this as mp3)
Each artist provides here two new tracks, rivalling in infectious bass lines and catchy breaks. Bong-Ra and Enduser open the ball with two squashed rave tunes, heavy on drum’n’bass and free parties influence, while Shitmat crushes a megaton of samples and influences before letting the pounding beats and fast tempo break in. Bong-Ra’s back with an abrasive, destructured and noisy piece, before letting Enduser conclude the record with an organic, dowtempo tune.

Known for their ragga anthems, gabber beats, sweeping basses and heavy use of samples, these three acts have acquired a rock solid reputation of crowd pleasers and subwoofers sadists. Gathered together, the American Enduser, the British Shitmat and the Dutch Bong-Ra are the three juggernauts of the exploded break, and clearly intend to demonstrate this on their „Monsters of Mashup“. From tongue in cheek insanity to tough rave hymns and from splattered rhythms to epic drum’n’bass, these three tear away any preconception you could have about mashed up breakbeat, and do it with a smile.

Bong-Ra, Enduser, Shitmat
Monsters Of Mashup

Release date:
May 6th, 2005

Release date:
May 6th, 2005

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Tracklisting: A1 / 1. Bong-Ra: My cock is an aardvark
A2 / 2. Enduser: Too many fucking stairs
A3 / 3. Shitmat: His dad is a Maltese, his mom is a malti-poo
B1 / 4. Shitmat: Kiss the spanner and call me charlie
B2 / 5. Bong-Ra: Mosh
B3 / 6. Enduser: End of a beginning (Sludge mix)

Front collage by Droon.
Mastered by John Sellekaers at Metarc.


mp3:Bong-Ra: My cock is an aardvark (excerpt)

Enduser: Too many fucking stairs (excerpt)

Shitmat: Kiss the spanner and call me charlie (excerpt)

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