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ImageA year and a half after the release of "Twilight", Lapsed presents a second album combining his glitch and cuts approach with a strong hip-hop feel. All along eleven tracks (enriched by a remix by Aaron Spectre / Air Inspector), he succeeds at deconstructing funky, syncopated rhythms to build his own micro-cuts and tunes. A ferociously catchy album under a cold, hygienic framework: glitch has seldom sounded so human. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
While Jason Stevens (Lapsed)’s debut album was an exercise in precision and click-driven harmonies, its self-titled follow-up sees the fragile hip hop roots take a lot more space. "Twilight" had already been qualified of "funktastic", but the blend of both atmospheres and sonorities is taking flight for good on such tracks as "Hapless Plastic", "Till the break of dawn" or "Mechanical Spector".

If alternative hip hop has become a genre in itself, Lapsed’s process is to take the reverse path to those of long time rap producers and MCs slowly discovering the potentialities of a strictly electronic approach. Stevens’ path goes from the clicks and glitches to take over vocal snippets and warm undertones. If Lapsed is tapping into everybody’s favourite hip hop crew on "We Run with Doom", he doesn’t do so by re-creating a carpet of electronic stunts under the words, but rather by tearing down the hip hop touch into its smallest components, and re-arranging them in his own sound.

Lapsed’s self titled second album is the result of a difficult challenge: building a precise, sharp and glitchy album from the parts and rhythms of a seemingly antithetical genre. A multi-genre musician as Ad Noiseam cherishes them, Jason Stevens brings delicate melodies (put forward by Aaron Spectre’s dulcimer in his final remix) together with analog scratches and dubplates cuts. How long has it been since you last head nods to glitchy beats?

Fresh, uninhibited, "Lapsed" is an album of subtlety, grace, and sheer, warm attraction, of clever composition that never forgets to gratify the listener.

Release date:
October 2005

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Tracklisting: 1. Breack Ya Neck
2. De-constructing Failure
3. Hapless Plastic
4. We Run With Doom
5. My Final Breath
6. Beat to Death
7. Fateless Drift
8. 'Till the Break of Dawn
9. Cracked Mirrors
10. Mechanical Specter
11. Lapsed + Urusai: Where were you?
12. Break Ya Neck (remix by Aaron Spectre)

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

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mp3:De-constructing Failure

Cracked Mirrors

Hapless Plastic (excerpt)

Fateless Drift (excerpt)

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