Enduser & Submerged "Appropriate & Deface" - adn54
ImageOn the tail of Enduser’s successful releases on Ad Noiseam, and introducing Submerged to the label, "Appropriate and deface" is a meeting of these two icons of the hard drum’n’bass scene, bringing a new face to a massive sound, new clothes to an energetic genre. Enduser is on everybody’s lips for his efficient combination of d’n’b and breaks and Submerged is known for unleashing monstrous basses through his Ohm Resistance label, the two had never worked together; it had to be corrected, here comes their encounter. Hide the subwoofers. (Get this as mp3)
Recently relocated to NYC after having produced in Berlin, Lynn Standafer (Enduser) has generated more than a stir with his chopping up of noisy beats and his take-over on the drum’n’bass scene, in which he marries dark 90’s noise hooks with just the right amount of breaks to fill in the dance floors. Probably the highest profile producer for this sound at the moment, Enduser is on everybody’s lips and speakers, from London’s crowded party halls to Berlin’s hip locations and New York’s dark venues. An confessed fan of the efficiency of drum’n’bass, Enduser brings his own touch by infusing large amounts of unexpected breaks in the usual drum’n’bass formula, and supporting the beats with enough drive to submit the head-nodding, low-ends aficionados into movement.

Kurt Gluck (Submerged), is no newcomer to the hardest side of drum’n’bass. May it be with his own productions or with his label (Ohm Resistance), Submerged has been known as the ultimate combination of all things low and loud. A regular collaborator of Bill Laswell, Mick Harris and John Zorn and a relentless DJ, Submerged is as much at home in the experimental scene as on the floors. On "Appropriate and deface", the opening "Second Mission" pushes the envelope of how powerful and addictive a sweeping bass can be. Building a wall to tear it down later, Submerged’s following "Oppressor" keeps the low-ends in the red while persecuting a syncopated beats with tortured high frequencies.

"Appropriate and Deface", gives the opportunity to two confirmed artists to stress once again their take at this genre. A club-filler and an instant DJ-hit, this record however never forgets to present something new and remarkable.

Enduser, Submerged
Appropriate & Deface
Release date:
October 2005

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Tracklisting: A1. Enduser: Taking life
A2. Enduser: Murderous Rage
B1: Submerged: Second Mission
B2: Submerged: Oppressor

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Enduser: http://enduser.sonicterror.net
Submerged: www.ohmresistance.com/submerged.html

mp3:Submerged: Second Mission

Enduser: Taking Life (excerpt)

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