Bong-Ra "I Am The God Of Hellfire" - adn55
ImageNew full length album by the Dutch sonic devil Bong-Ra. Signing here an upcoming classic of the genre, full of a mature, accessible sound relying on demonic basses and monstrous riffing, and enlisting such vocalists as Atari Teenage Riot's Hanin Elias, Drop The Lime and Mike Redman. Bong-Ra proves here that downtempo can be as suffocating, sinister and efficient as hectic BPMs, and focus on twisting his trademark rave stabs into a mean and wicked dance floor marvel. (Get this on 2x12" / as mp3)
There's no time for repetition or conformity, but a continuous exploration into the sounds and styles which fascinate him most, flirting with jungle, rave, metal, dancehall and gabber, in no particular order…sounding like a meatgrinder negligent of hygiene, sterility or infection.

One of the forerunners in the breakcore genre, which is rapidly emerging out of the pits of the undergound, seems to run parallel with the term 'crossover', reaching a point in where sampling and a diverse musical taste have fused creating the ultimate hardcore-maniac's playlist. On 'I am the God of Hellfire', the amen has been given a well deserved break, and focus has been put on his trademark rave stabs and catchy haunting melodies, proving that downtempo can be as suffocating and sinister as uptempo BPMs.

A host of vocalists like ex-Atari Teenage Riot's Hanin Elias, Drop The Lime, Mike Redman and Ras Bumpa have contributed to make this nothing less than an upcoming classic in its genre, the detail in the production has given Bong-Ra's third full length album a mature, accessible sound, creating more space in which to unleash his demonic riffing. Could this be the record that The Prodigy wish they had made?

Jason Kohnen, the sonic schizo behind Bong-Ra since 1996 has released on such labels as Ad Noiseam, Planet Mu, Very Friendly, Supertracks and Death$ucker. His 2001 John Peel sessions was chosen as one of the 125 best-ever Peel Sessions. It may have become clear that every new Bong-Ra release manages to trick and tackle his listeners by setting groundbreaking new steps.

I Am The God Of Hellfire
Release date:
November 21st, 2005

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Tracklisting: A1. Skool Ov Violence
A2. Redrum (feat. Mike Redman)
A3. White Horse
B1. Go Tiger! (feat. Hanin Elias)
B2. Bert is Evil (feat. Drop The Lime)
B3. The Claw (feat. Ras Bumpa)
C1. Crack in the Mirror (feat. MC Quest One)
C2. Pop That Cristal (feat. Mike Redman)
C3. Chump Chump
D1. Kill The Sound (feat. Willemyn)
D2. Serpent Tongue for the blues
D3. Come Out To Play


mp3:Skool Ov Violence

Pop That Cristal

Go Tiger! (excerpt)

Redrum (excerpt)

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