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ImageAn album of modern electronic songwriting brought together by a strong thread of emotionality and musical talent, Exillon's new full length album, "The Keening Dithers", places this musician at the forefront of today's electronic composer, but never fails to inspire the listener. All along the 11 songs of this album, Exillon presents a deep, inspired side of his talent, bringing together a developed character and impressive composition skills. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Jay Fields, aka Exillon, presents with "The Keening Dithers" his second full length album, following remarked releases on Zod and Component Records. An experienced crafter of beautiful melodies and intricate rhythms, San Francisco-based Exillon has been praised for his human approach to his tracks, keeping a good balance between the compositional of his material and a purely musical appeal. "The Keening Dithers" is no exception, and while it has nothing to envy to the most detailed of today's electronic wizards, it first focuses on being an open work, and one which can be broadly enjoyed.

On "The Keening Dithers", Exillon's clean and precise beats play a new game of cat and mouse with crystalline electronic tunes. Jay Fields's long and evolving melodies guide the listener and provide him with necessary harmonies in the abundant environment of beats and breaks.

Amid the 11 tracks of "The Keening Dithers", Exillon also pairs with friends and collaborators, from Meat Beat Manifesto on his remix of "Horn of Jericho" to label mate Mad E.P. ("Dtov3"), Terminal11 ("Termit and "Now you'll never know") and 5 Minute Project ("Aliasing"). Playful and fast at times, sombre and laid back at other, "The Keening Dithers" is a ride through intelligently arranged electronic music, something which does not only impress but also seduces. Song writing and talent come together here to offer a wide array of tracks, all brought together by the a common, melodic and emotional thread.

The Keening Dithers
Release date:
Jan 6, 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Aliasing
2. Moonlight Sinatra
3. Termit
4. Cadi
5. Now you'll never know
6. Meat Beat Manifesto: Horn of Jericho (Exillon remix)
7. Jan
8. Dtofv3
9. Duhv
10. Kollipy
11 .Sfx02

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux

Information:Exillon: www.exillon.com

mp3:Moonlight Sinatra

Now you'll never know

Aliasing (excerpt)

Jan (excerpt)

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