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ImageAntigen Shift finally presents his second album, in which the raw noisy beats have left room to deeper bass, syncopated rhythms and rich melodies. Harmonious and irresistible, “The Way of the North” is the coming of age for this essential act of the hard electronic scene. Antigen Shift does a lot more than fulfilling his fans's expectations here, bring a fresh look at his music and signing a massive, efficient and terribly seducing album. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Canada's hottest industrial sensation is back to the cold. Four years after having dropped a bomb in the form of his “Implicit Structures” debut, Antigen Shift comes back with a second full length, “The Way of the North”, filling up the expectations raised by his 2002 collaborations with label-mate Detritus and long-time collaborator Iszoloscope and his sophomore “Next to Departed” single.

The shift could actually not be more obvious. Build as an homage to Nick Theriault's dear icy northern lands, “The Way of the North” is a fresh start for Antigen Shift, as Nick Theriault presents here an album in which he breaks out of his past's noise-ridden rhythms and focuses on melodies and depth, bringing more musicality and maturity to his project. Glacial but somehow more human, “The Way of the North” is the most harmonious Antigen Shift releases so far, rich in refined arrangements, massive bass and an syncopated percussions. While the dancefloor might still shake, “The Way of the North” is a irresistible album, and heads will soon start nodding to the deep pulsating drums of such tracks as “Verglas” or “L'horizon”.

A daring coming-of-age for Antigen Shift, “The Way of the North” is also the beginning of a new age for this renowned act, getting rid of his old industrial clothes to a full-grown musical competence and displaying an insolent talent at mixing the best of both world. Ad Noiseam is happy to welcome Antigen Shift to the fold, and to present this fresh, talented album. See you up north.

Antigen Shift
The Way Of The North
Release date:
Feb 20th, 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. The Way of the North
2. As Flies to Careless Boys we are to Gods
3. Verglas
4. Peacekeeper
5. Black Ocean Burial
6. L'Horizon
7. Refuge
8. Toppling Drunk into the River while Trying to Embrace the Moon
9. Tundra
10. Fimbul Winter

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux

Information:Antigen Shift:

mp3:As Flies to Careless Boys we are to Gods

Black Ocean Burial

Verglas (excerpt)

Fimbul Winter (excerpt)

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