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ImageFollowing two CDs on n5md, UK's multitalented Keef Baker offers on Ad Noiseam a solid 6-track MCD in which his music takes a resolute accoustic and organic turn. Warm voices flow through "Pure Language" on top of a very distinctive bass and a new found drum'n'bass twist. Keef Baker enriches this vocabulary with a playful use of tempo changes and contained noise, writing down a music both human and massive, full of emotion and yet assertive. "Pure Language" is neither a whisper nor a shout, but a thoughtful and laid statement, to be listen to with care and enjoyed with ears wide opened. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Following a very well received first album and a remix CD on the N5md label, Leeds based Keef Baker presents on Ad Noiseam a compact collection of six new tracks, tied together with an acute sense for acoustic sounds and an organic, human feel. An accomplished electronic musician, this former session bass player incorporated elements of his former love to "Pure Language", which also testifies that of his broad musical taste.

"Pure Language" is a lot more the result of a careful song writing than the laying down of electronic beats. While drum'n'bass, digital glitches and outright noise have been invited to the party, it is the alliance of a throbbing bass, a very acoustic-leaning drumming and the use of female and male voices which provides "Pure Language" with its distinctive warm personality. From the jazzy steps of "Psychiatric Credit" to the constantly building "The End", this CD stays constantly close to the listener, seducing him with familiar sounds and rhythms, but putting them together in a fresh way.

The fruit of a definite effort by Keef Baker to free himself from the expectations one could have after his debut album or from the boundaries of the genres he might have been linked to, "Pure Language" is a liberation taking the form of a wedding of genres and influences. massive yet friendly, lush yet precise, noisy yet accessible, electronic and yet taking its strength from live instruments.

Ad Noiseam is happy to be able to present "Pure Language" and to welcome Keef Baker, a frequent collaborator of now label mates Mothboy and Detritus (who both remixed him and performed live with him), and a man of rich musical culture and vocabulary, as stated with this "Pure Language".

Keef Baker
Pure Language
Release date:
May 17th, 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Straw Overcoat
2. Psychiatric Credit
3. Chance
4. The Middle
5. Certainty
6. The End

Mastered by John Sellekaers at Metarc.
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.

Information:Keef Baker:

mp3:The Middle

Chance (excerpt)

The End (excerpt)
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