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ImageAd Noiseam turns 5 year old, and celebrates by presenting a triple pack compilation, with one new new track by past, present and future Ad Noiseam artists, as well as videos by almost half of them. More than a collection of various material thrown together, “Ad Noiseam 2001-2006” is a testimony of what Ad Noiseam is about, and how the label has grown into a melting pot of sounds, genres and feelings, focusing on music quality without ever embracing fashions and scenes. (Get this as mp3)
Launched in April 2001 with the “Krach Test” triple CD compilation, Ad Noiseam celebrates its fifth birthday and 60th release with another massive compilation, in the form of two CDs and a DVD packaged in a tall triple digipack and packed with almost four hours of new music and video.

Over the course of five years, Ad Noiseam has released records and CD of a wide variety of styles, giving headaches to reviewers trying to pigeon-hole the label into a small category. From the melancholic guitars of Magwheels to the hectic breaks of Enduser, from the deep atmospheres of Wilt to the booty-shaking bass of Mothboy, Ad Noiseam invites its listeners to sit down and enjoy the variety of the label with “Ad Noiseam 2001-2006”. A musical ride, this project is also a way to look at what has been done, and what Ad Noiseam stands for.

These five years have been a hard ride, but one rich in musical quality, in surprises and in evolution. Ad Noiseam is proud to be able to invite you to take a look at the past and the present, and dive head first into its future.


Trailer for this compilation (download)

The video "Atalodz", directed by Gisèle Pape for Crno Klank, won the award of best audio and musical creation at the "Côté Court" short film festival of Seine Saint-Denis / Pantin (France) in 2006
Ad Noiseam 2001-2006
2xCD + DVD
Release date:
Apr 21th, 2006

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Tracklisting: CD 1:
01. Larvae: Snowday
02. Mad E.P.: Grapepopgirl
03. Andrey Kiritchenko: Timetravel of a snail
04. Air Inspector: Sleepy
05. Exillon: Julipt
06. Lapsed: Funk Sickness (version 2
07. Dälek: Forever close my eyes (remix by Larvae)
08. Keef Baker: Nr42
09. Horchata: Luciferin
10. Antigen Shift: No Snow in Melbourne
11. Enduser & Kazumi: Genesis (remix)
12. Cordell Klier: Deconstructed leaves from Mike Hallenbeck
13. Uniform: The Correct Way to Destroy a Piano
14. Magwheels: Afghanistan
15. Morc: Venus

CD 2:
01. Cdatakill: Yesterdays
02. Lapsed & Non Non: Z Crazy Eyes
03. Bong-Ra: Jaws
04. Mothboy: Area vs Area
05. The Panacea: Mortal Sin
06. Needle Sharing: It's No Joke (Cock'n'Sucker remix)
07. Submerged: Chore Boy
08. AZ-Rotator: Hard Disk Dead
09. Curtis Chip: Ice Fission
10. Detritus: Maze Dancer
11. Tarmvred: To Be Allocated
12. Mago: Noton
13. Iszoloscope: To Exhibit Chaotic Behavior
14. Kirdec: Neo-ethnocentrisme
15. Wilt: Days of Crows 2

01. Mothboy: C.S.R.
02. 2nd Gen: Middle Finger Context
03. Larvae: Bubastis
04. AZ-Rotator: Genolom (video edit)
05. Bong-Ra: Sp66d d6mon (666mph rmx)
06. Jason Forrest: War Photographer
07. Crno Klank: Atalodz
08. Horchata: Luciferin
09. Mago: Noton
10. Wilt: Days of Crows 1
11. Andrey Kiritchenko: Timetravel of a snail
12. Enduser: Wisdom (Datach'I remix)
13. Morc: Venus
14. Larvae: Solo Shoots First

Audio CD mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.

mp3: Larvae: Snowday

Air Inspector: Sleepy

Bong-Ra: Jaws

Enduser & Kazumi: Genesis (remix, excerpt)

The Panacea: Mortal Sin (excerpt)

AZ-Rotator: Hard Disk Dead (excerpt)
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