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ImageWith their second album, Larvae strip their music out of the genres they had been associated with, and focus on a sincere reflection on their musical roots, their position as a band, and their place in the musical landscape. Integrating guitars on most tracks and vocals (by Jessica Bailiff, Shadowhuntaz, Hope For Agoldensummer and Scalper), Larvae give here birth to a very soulful and wonderfully produced album which can not be overlooked, a work of great substance and talent. (Get this on CD / on 2x12" / as mp3)
"Dead Weight", Larvae's second album, is a work of deep introspection and the result of a long reflection about the origins and the paths threaded by the band so far. Following the appraised "Fashion Victim", several successful tours in Europe and North America and the important stir caused by the "Empire" 12", Larvae approached this album more as an indie band than an electronic music project, and walked out of most paths they had been known to thread. Having proved themselves on record and on the road and worked with highly regarded musicians and friends, Larvae decided to measure themselves to a new challenge.

A lot more acoustic-sounding than its predecessor, this album combines therefore the longing of artists constantly on the road, the powerlessness towards the way their work is reflected in the media, as well as their peculiar position as a part acoustic, part electronic band in the southern United States. With this new work, the band's purpose is not any more to pay homage to cultural entities or to measure the group in the light of a precise musical genre, but rather to extirpate the superfluous and to reduce the sound to a direct expression of the musician's experiences and tastes.

Mixing the song writing of Jessica Bailiff (Kranky, Anticon) and of the local singers Hope For Agoldensummer with the twisted rapping of the Shadowhuntaz (Skam) and Scalper (2nd Gen's live singer, Novamute), and venturing in a territory inhabited by long guitar tracks and electronic percussions, "Dead Weight" is not only the album with which the masks are taken down, but also the purest and deepest portrayal Larvae could give of themselves.

Honesty is the key word of "Dead Weight". Stripping their music to its core, and separating it from any genre-related expectations, Larvae's sophomore album is a passionate and authentic one. More than a year in the making, the result of the collaboration of very talented musicians and a highly detailed production, "Dead Weight" is an album Larvae can be very proud of, and one which will leave its mark.

Dead Weight

Release date:
June 12th, 2006

Release date:
July 3rd, 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Banjos & Brimstone
2. Airplanes (featuring Hope For Agoldensummer)
3. Less Than Now
4. Warding
5. Nation of Bling (featuring Nongenetic of Shadowhuntaz)
6. Telecast (featuring Jessica Bailiff)
7. Raindelay
8. Bubastis
9. Thanks for playing (featuring Jessica Bailiff)
10. Dead Beat
11. Art of War (featuring Scalper)
12. The Logical End

Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

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Thanks For Playing (excerpt)

Dead Beat (excerpt)

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