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ImageWilt's new album is also their first as a band, with the electronic experimentation being combined with acoustic walls of bass and noise. Wide, dusty and dark, "Dark Meadows" displays Wilt's new psychedelic and atmospheric approach to its deeply textured ambiances. "Dark Meadows" is one the most rewarding and sombre of works of Wilt, for it marries it organic darkness with an acute sense of melody and an ever-present cavernous bass. A massive, encompassing and profound work of art. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Every Wilt album has to have a concept, and the fourth full length of this project for Ad Noiseam is no exception. If the towering "As Giants Watch Over Us" and the gritty "Radio 1940" were revolving around exogenous ideas, "Dark Meadows" goes back to 2001's "Amidst A Spacious Fabric", in the sense that its core is Wilt as a musical entity.

Founded by James Keeler as a way to replicate into sounds his painting and sculptures into music, Wilt was so far a exercise in textures and atmospheres. With the addition of guitarist Dan Hall, this project takes again the form of a band, with his jams, multiples influences and tastes, something that James Keeler had been looking for since the demise of Children, his nineties jazz / sludge metal group. It is this shift from a complete studio project to a band "jamming out dark walls of sound" that is documented in "Dark Meadows". A break-up from the electronic noise of its past, Wilt embraces a new sound that leaves more space to improvisations, feelings and band dynamics.

Wide and psychedelic and varied, "Dark Meadows" combines atmospheric droning with an oppressive layer of acoustic noise and intricate guitar sounds. Still the result of painstaking experimentations with tonalities and harmonies, Wilt has added a new dimension and yet more textures to its sound: the contact microphones have learned to let room for the guitar, the distortion has relegated to the background, and the noise has become more acoustic. "Dark Meadows" ends up being both one the most rewarding and sombre of works of Wilt, for it marries it organic darkness with an acute sense of melody and an ever-present cavernous bass.
Dark Meadows
Release date:
September 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Dark Meadows
2. Amerikan Zombie
3. Deak Electroniks
4. When the Earth Swallows Us Whole
5. For Blake
6. Keeper of Lanterns
7. Harmonic Convergence
8. The Devil's Rainbow
9. Moonchild
10. Forever End Credits

Artwork by Ben Didier.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Wilt - wilt.adnoiseam.net

mp3: Amerikan Zombie

Harmonic Convergence

Dark Meadows (excerpt)

The Devil's Rainbow (excerpt)

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