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ImageOne hard step forward: “Thresholds”, a prolongation of Detritus's second full length album (the acclaimed “Origin”), sees David Dando-Moore contract his beats and infusing his tracks with newly found, harder and drier sounds. Crystal-clear, melodic and dynamic, Detritus's sound widens again with “Thresholds”, mixing ardour and melancholy as never before. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Coming out exactly a year after Detritus's second album, "Origin", the shorter “Thresholds” is both a perfect companion to its predecessor and a point of rupture. Writing "Origin" had been a very slow process for David Dando-Moore, aiming at offering a balanced and varied showcase of his music, while upping the ante as far as production and recording were concerned. “Thresholds”, on the other hand, was written over a much shorter time span in the Spring of 2006, and is more of a direct, compact and powerful statement.

Not the nice boy with the strings anymore: a fruit of anger and frustration, Detritus's “Thresholds” appears as a considerably harder, more direct and more dense approach of Dando-Moore's intricate of drum'n'bass and strings. Terse and straight, the four tracks of “Thresholds” see Detritus bring more fervor to his sound, and balancing it with some of the most direct melodies he's ever written. Integrating more bass guitar into his music, and fusing it with short samples, Detritus proves here that he can combine his mostly melodic and down-tempo tracks with an acute sense of hard-hitting, dancefloor-friendly rhythms, and this all without renouncing on his renowned talent for crystal-clear production and recording skills.

“Thresholds” is a CD that Detritus had to write before being able to move on to new grounds. A prolongation of the acclaimed full-length "Origin", it dots the i on this artist's skills, and anticipate Detritus's changes in the future.

CD ep
Release date:
September 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Day One
2. U(s)
3. Fragments (Don't Make A Whole)
4. Melting Snow

Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.
Mastered by John Sellekaers at Metarc.

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Melting Snow (excerpt)

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