Mothboy "Deviance" - adn69
ImageMothboy's second full length album, “Deviance” is a very mature work in which his very bass heavy beat get adjusted to a new, faster tempo, and conjugated with more diversity and voices than ever. A very varied, personal and massive work, adding a solid stone to the Mothboy discography. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
After having given us “The Fears” with his fusing of downtempo and jazz in 2004 and shaken every possible subwoofer (even causing some to burst into flames, but we'll leave this aside) with the following "Exonian" ep, London's Simon Smerdon a.k.a. Mothboy has taken some time of from his constant touring to build up a new album, on which his tracks don't only “deviate”, but confirm Mothboy's pole-position when it comes to beats and bass.

Mothboy's second album translates onto record what this artist has been showcasing live for the last couple of years: massive frontal low-ends and booty-techno, deep kicks, shuffling melodies and hip hop sensibility. Faster, heavy and more dancefloor-oriented than ever before, “Deviance” also demonstrates Smerdon's careful production, in which he juggles a copious amount of bass with crisp and sharp beats The whole thing is enriched with Smerdon's old taste for jazz, acoustic interludes providing some calm between the storms, or close the album softly with the unexpected and overwhelming “Down”.

Of course, Mothboy's friends are also invited to the party. UK's hip hop wonder Akira The Don lends his voice to the infectious “I can see cities”, Suzi C's vocals add to the poppier “Outside”, Son Of King Rebel and Soraya Mir combine their talent on the deep, closing “Down” (on which GOD's founding member Shaun Rogan plays the guitar) and Venezuela's finest breakcore export, Cardopusher joins hands with Mothboy on the fast paced “Gutter Song”.

Tuning in to the Moth FM is hopping on a bass ride for an album of indisputable variety and still great coherence. And you finally don't have to live in London any more to witness and rejoice.

Release date:
November 20th, 2006

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Tracklisting: 1. Moth f.m.
2. Given Away
3. Triptych
4. Outside (featuring Suzi C)
5. I hit it I caught it I'm out
6. Gutter Song (featuring Cardopusher)
7. Deviance
8. I Can See Cities (featuring Akira The Don)
9. Selfish Plan
10. Bienambo
11. Down(featuring Son Of King Rebel and Soraya Mir)

Design by Philip Thompson, painting by Martin Cornish.
Mastered by Luke Bond at The Big Green Door studio.



Selfish Plan

I Can See Cities (excerpt)

Down (excerpt)

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