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ImageAfter 25 releases on vinyl over the course of seven years (not counting the ones of his Outside Agency and Semiomime monikers), for such labels as Ruff Teck, Outbreak, Killing Sheep or Sub/Version, here comes finally the first full length album by DJ Hidden. "The Later After" presents a hour long of new material ranging from the hardest and most twisted drum'n'bass to more downtempo, atmospheric tracks. At the same time a long due crowning for this musician and a perfect introduction for people who have been missing out, "The Later After" is the most accomplished and unequaled achievement by this impudently skillful producer. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

Active since the mid-90s, Noel Wessels has over the years become an essential actor of the Dutch electronic music scene. Best known for his productions and shows under the DJ Hidden moniker as well as founding member of the gabber unit The Outside Agency, this untiring producer has been active in all genres of electronic musics, signing records and CDs of countless side-projects (along which the very remarked, laid back Semiomime one).

Starting in 2000, Noel Wessels's DJ Hidden drum'n'bass-focused act has been taking this scene by storm. A pioneer of the current mixture of hard, dark drum'n'bass and sudden break(core), his records for Outbreak, Evol Intent, Ruff Teck or Killing Sheep (among others) have quickly become classics for DJ and fans. And still, it is with “The Later After” than a DJ Hidden full length CD finally sees the light of the day.

Intended as a lot more than a gathering of new club-oriented drum'n'bass tracks (which would still have been enough to satisfy DJ Hidden's fans), “The Later After” is a wide-ranging display of the various styles which this musician has touched over the years, combined in twelve tracks written specially for this release. Ranging from the percussive and driven “Straightjacket” to the down tempo “Here Lies The Confusion” and enriched by such cinematic tracks as “Unturned Stones”, this album is undoubtedly a mature and thought of work. More than a snapshot of this artist's current state, it is a crowning of sort for an unequalled achievement.

“The Later After” could finally not be a DJ Hidden release if there wasn't anything hidden in it. From the complex artwork (designed by DJ Hidden himself) to the flawless and intricate audio productions, this album might turn into a treasure-hunt, are many details, messages and surprises lay there for the attentive listener to find.

DJ Hidden
The Later After
Release date:
March 6th, 2007

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Tracklisting: 1. Death Seer
2. Ghost Breath
3. Here Lies The Confusion
4. As She Laughed
5. The Ignorance
6. I've Always Missed You
7. Chrono
8. The Later After
9. Unturned Stones
10. Backwards Reversal
11. Scry 7734-5335-345
12. Straightjacket

Artwork by DJ Hidden.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:DJ Hidden:


Here Lies The Confusion

Death Seer (excerpt)

Scry 7734-5335-345 (excerpt)

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