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ImageThe vinyl companion to the CD "The Later After" (adn73), DJ Hidden's "After Before" gathers on a 12" two of the most club-oriented tracks from the album. A deadly tool for any DJ and a sign of many packed dancefloors, these two loud, slowly building, insidious and agile tracks demonstrate DJ Hidden's ability at twisting the very roots of drum'n'bass and fusing them with his own high-fi production and melodic skills. (Get this as mp3)

Active since the mid-90s, Noel Wessels has over the years become an essential actor of the Dutch electronic music scene. Best known for his productions and shows under the DJ Hidden moniker as well as founding member of the gabber unit The Outside Agency, this untiring producer has been active in all genres of electronic musics, signing records and CDs of countless side-projects (along which the very remarked, laid back Semiomime one).

Starting in 2000, Noel Wessels's DJ Hidden drum'n'bass-focused act has been taking this scene by storm. A pioneer of the current mixture of hard, dark drum'n'bass and sudden break(core), his records for Outbreak, Evol Intent, Ruff Teck or Killing Sheep (among others) have quickly become classics for DJ and fans.

“After Before” is the vinyl pendant to “The Later After”, the long awaited first full length album by DJ Hidden, coming out on Ad Noiseam at the same time as this records. It contains slightly reworked version of two of the album tracks, edited and mastered with DJ and clubs' PA in mind. The two tracks on this well cut, loud 12” are among both the most club-friendly and the hardest of the material written by DJ Hidden, and sees his productions and recording skills take yet one more step forward.

DJ Hidden
After Before
Release date:
March 6th, 2007

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Tracklisting: A. The Later After
B. Scry 2 7734-5335-34

Artwork by DJ Hidden.t
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

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