Bong-Ra "Sick Sick Sick" - adn75
ImageHe had summoned the "Grindkrusher", but you still had no idea how "sick" this all was. Bong-Ra's second homage to his metal roots, "Sick Sick Sick" is the perfect sequel to "Grindkrusher". Faster, harder, improved and super-sized, Bong-Ra mixture of concrete-hard breakcore and anthemic metal gets a new incarnation in the form of this twisted and insolently infectious record. You'd better make some room, as there's going to be some heaving headbanging and mashing going on. Did we say "sick". (Get this as mp3)
Following the recent rave anthems of "Stereohype Heroin Hooker", Jason Kohnen returns with a sequel to 2004's highly praised "Grindkrusher". Working as both an homage to his metal background and as a injection of fresh sound and production into the breakcore style he is known for, "Sick Sick Sick" is twisted high-energy mixture which demonstrates again Bong-Ra's high production skills, open mindedness and boundaries-pushing ideas.

A multi-instrumentalist with an impressively wide résumé (ranging from the jazz experiments of his Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble to the hardcore techno of The Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave and the John Peel approved mix of dancehall and drum'n'bass of early Bong-Ra days), Jason Kohnen manages to keep the bar very high on each of his release, all tied together but a perfection-seeking care to production and recordings. This focus is obvious again on "Sick Sick Sick", which is far more than a cheap mash-up of beats and guitars, but the product of a strong knowledge and taste for grindcore. In a manner similar to the one of his label mate Drumcorps, Bong-Ra's goal is not to mock and plunder the metal heritage, but to show his respect, taste and implication in it (confirmed by the dedication of the track "Terrorizah" to Terrorizer's late guitar player).

Anybody who has witnessed the precision-beat-bombing that is a Bong-Ra concert will recognize in "Sick Sick Sick" the perfect studio translation of this musician's broad tastes and focused execution. Painstakingly detailed and still furious and driven, Bong-Ra is giving a good name again to everything "sick".


"Sick Sick Sick" was re-released on CD, together with "Grindkrusher" (adn47) under the name "Full Metal Racket" (adn84).
Sick Sick Sick
Release date:
January 15th, 2007

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Tracklisting: A1. Terrorizah
A2. Earache
B1. Slaytronic
B2. Necrogoat

"Terrorizah" is dedicated to Jesse Pintado.

Artwork by Erik Kriek. Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.



Slaytronic (excerpt)

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