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Image"Ultrafood" is the new audio creation of the two forward-thinking audio chefs that are Mad EP and Ra, presenting here a brand new and fresh way to mix the hip hop recipe with cautiously baked breaks, spicy samples and tasty textures. A catchy, heart-warming meal awaits you here, served together with the astonishing visual cutlery or Ra's painting. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Welcome to the Ultrafood candy store. Please step in and see what our android chefs have prepared for you. Years of research and reverse engineering by our best androids, supported by countless undercover operations of our insect drones allow you to bring you the best in alt hip hop haute-cuisine.

Not afraid of mixing cultures and culinary influences, Ad Noiseam's Ultrafood division have recruited two of the most forward-cooking chefs of the galaxy.
Patrons of the Ad Noiseam audio eatery are already become familiar with Matthew Peters (aka chef Mad EP) through his "When I'm 6" appetizer, "Eating Movies" plat de résistance and "The Madlands Trilogy" magnum opus. Inspired as always, this American chef, newly relocated to the UK, presents a mille-feuille of audio trickery, cut-up, downtempo breaks and his succulent cello.
Sharing the kitchen with Mad EP is Raoul Sinier (aka Ra), a Paris-based chef who has already demonstrated his talent in such establishments as Coredump, Sublight and Planet Mu. An amidst connoisseur of rich, textured sauces, uncommon mixture of hip hop, electronica and epic mixtures, this rising name of the audio gastronomy displays with his first 12" plate that there is no limit to the variety of spices he can bring to a dish.

Fresh, flavourful and savoury, "Ultrafood" is the meeting of two audio cooks who share the same forward-thinking view on the hip hop recipe, and are not afraid to reshape it from the ground up, frying tightly hacked beats and samples, backing rich, changing melodies and adding clever, tongue-in-cheek vocal toppings. "Ultrafood" is a three-star menu which will leave a long, delicious taste to every palate, may it be human or robotic.


Here's a trailer to "Ultrafood", by Raoul Sinier (double-click for a better view).
Mad EP, Ra
Release date:
April 2nd, 2007

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Tracklisting: A1. Mad EP: Team Awesome
A2. Ra: Night Drunken Pavement (Mad EP remix)
A3. Mad EP: Maudlin Marauder
B1. Ra: Night Drunken Pavement
B2. Ra: Ailleurs
B3. Mad EP: Maudlin Marauder (Ra Remix)

Artwork by Ra
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Mad EP:

mp3:Mad EP: Team Awesome

Ra: Night Drunken Pavement (Mad EP remix, excerpt)

Ra: Ailleurs (excerpt)

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