Drumcorps "Grist" 12" - adn79
ImageThe vinyl pendant to the full length CD of the same name, “Grist” compiles six Drumcorps tracks which had not made it onto wax yet. Aaron Spectre's ultimate hybridization of grindcore and breakcore still marches on, presenting again the very intense, detailed and passionate tracks that have made this project so sought after all over the world. (Get this on 12" / as mp3).
A few months after the release of Drumcorps's “Grist” as a full length CD album (adn70 / crock013), Aaron Spectre's metal-oriented tracks get the vinyl treatment again. The third record for Drumcorps, “Grist” presents six tracks from the CD which had not yet been released on this format.

Critically acclaimed (“Aaron is one of the world’s most talented musicians today and it’s awe-inspiring to hear him at his least restrained” to quote XLR8R, “Grist is one of those records you don't realize you've been waiting for until it kicks you in the face” according to Igloo Mag and “the man to watch” for Rock-A-Rolla), Aaron Spectre's Drumcorps project keeps on with his inbreeding of well assimilated grindcore metal roots and carefully written breakcore patterns. With many guitar parts played live and an uncommon care brought to the details, Drumcorps tweaks his material to unequalled level, paying a respectful homage to grindcore and still taking the genre to a whole new level.

Vinyl-fans can rejoice, Drumcorps is back to their format of choice with six well cut, loud and aggressive tracks, living up to the experience that are Drumcorps's live sets.

"Grist" is a co-release between Ad Noiseam and Cock Rock Disco.

adn79 / Vrock010
Release date:
May 18th, 2007

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Tracklisting: A1. Grist
A2. Pig Destroyer Destroyer
B1. Worse
B2. Time
B3. Incarnate
B4. Grainbeast

Artwork by May-Lee Sia.

Information:Drumcorps: www.drumcorps.cc

mp3: Grist (excerpt)

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