Cdatakill "Bleeding Hearts vol. 1" - adn82
ImageFollowing the acclaimed "Valentine" CD released on Ad Noiseam in October 2006, Cdatakill returns with "Bleeding Hearts", a companion to the full length album, spread on two records. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
The first vinyl releases by Zak Roberts (Cdatakill) since 2003’s "Southeast Aurora Syndrome" (on the Australian Hardline Rekordingz label), the two volumes of "Bleeding Hearts" act not only as an extension of "Valentine", whose tracks get remixed over nine new versions, but also as a family and friends meeting.

Nex to Cdatakill’s new "Meth-Head Trance", a dark, broken and pummeling track that confirm his mastering of the most shattering of breakcore, the first remix comes from Übergang, the new project of Christoph de Babalon, who had offered Cdatakill his first release with the "Search and Destroy" compilation on his CFET label in early 2000. It is followed by a melodic drum’n’bass version of "You Are Mine" by Enduser, with which Cdatakill has shared the stage on many occasions. Detritus and Lapsed, two of Cdatakill label mates on Ad Noiseam, then get their first appearance on vinyl, with Detritus’s guitar-infused angry remix of "No Brakes" and Lapsed’s syncopated, distorted hip hop beat on "Hungry". The first "Bleeding Hearts" is then closed by Mad EP, who once again manages to combine the electronic weight of the original "You Are Mine" with his orchestral narrative.

More of an homage to Cdatakill’s massive, dub-brewed breaks than a confrontation of genres, "Bleeding Hearts" acts as a new confirmation of this long running act’s influence on the current breakcore, drum’n’bass and industrial scenes, and result in a diverse, hand-picked selection of remixes from Cdatakill’s friends and collaborators.

Bleeding Hearts vol. 1
Release date:
May 18th, 2007

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Tracklisting: A1. Meth-Head Trance
A2. Yesterdays (remix by Übergang)
A3. You Are Mine (remix by Enduser)
B1. No Brakes (remix by Detritus)
B2. Hungry (remix by Lapsed)
B3. You Are Mine (Florestan & Eusebius remix by Mad EP)

Artwork by Magnus Blomster.
Mastered by John Sellekaers at Metarc.


mp3:You Are Mine (remix by Enduser)

Yesterdays (remix by Übergang, excerpt)

No Brakes (remix by Detritus, excerpt)

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