Bong-Ra "Full Metal Racket" - adn84
ImageFeaturing all the tracks from the "Grindkrusher" and "Sick Sick Sick" records, re-recorded and remastered, "Full Metal Racket" is Bong-Ra's unmatchable homage to his grindcore and hardcore heroes. A fast, high-energy album of twisted breaks, breaks and merciless riffs, it finally presents the 10 gems of these two records to all fans of this superlative-heavy, towering producer. Zombie-claws lacerated subwoofers ahead. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Hide the children, the sick krusher is back. Bong-Ra and Ad Noiseam are proud to re-open the gates of hell with "Full Metal Racket", the CD release of Bong-Ra's 12" records "Grindkrusher" and "Sick Sick Sick" (already released by Ad Noiseam in 2005 and 2006). Safe till now, everybody who doesn't own a turntable any more can now be attacked by hordes of guitar-yielding zombies and beat-reaping ghouls.
By any means one of the best known and most acclaimed breakcore producer worldwide, Utrecht's Jason Köhnen (aka Bong-Ra) has a long history as a metal musician. Starting with his first band Prejudice in 1987 and later one joining the well known Celestial Season, he first sharpened his skills at composition and live performance on the wave of grindcore and doom metal. While his current main moniker, Bong-Ra, is better known for his electronic assaults and breakcore insanity, guitars in general and metal in particular were never far from the mixer. It was therefore a natural thing for this producer to pay homage to the grindcore of his past across two 12" records, 2005's "Grindkrusher" and 2006's "Sick Sick Sick".
Only available on vinyl so far, all the tracks from these two releases were re-recorded and remastered for the "Full Metal Racket" CD, which presents them in improved, renewed versions. Showcasing on the cover stills from the upcoming "Worst Case Scenario" film (on whose soundtrack Jason Köhnen is working) and including a poster featuring full size artwork of both records, "Full Metal Racket" achieves his goals on all accounts. Not only is it the best possible homage to Bong-Ra's musical past and the best way for the CD audience to experience these tracks, but it is also a grandiose, efficient and perfectly produced album which reaches new heights in the cross-breeding of breakcore and hardcore metal. Attention, zombie-claws lacerated subwoofers ahead.

Full Metal Racket
Release date:
Oct 22nd, 2007

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Tracklisting: 1. Terrorizah
2. Slaytronic
3. Necrogoat
4. Earache
5. Bloody Cenotaph
6. Jo Bench
7. Ram Waster
8 . Dstrctv
9. Grindkrush (remix by Doormouse)
10. Painkiller (remix by Sickboy)

Film stills provided by Gorehound inc.
"Grindkrusher" artwork by Atomicagedog.
"Sick Sick Sick" artwork by Erik Kriek.
Re-mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.



Jo Bench

Ram Waster

Slaytronic (excerpt)

Bloody Cenotaph (excerpt)

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