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ImageThe logical sequel of the “Thresholds” single, “Fractured” sees Detritus keep the harder guitars and beats, while staying true to this intricate drum'n'bass patterns and evocative strings. A production tour-de-force, it presents a crystal-clear, yet powerful and deep sound that confirms this essential acts to the confirmed heights he had reached with his previous albums. Deep, masterful and highly rewarding. (Get this on CD / as mp3).
Four years after “Endogenous” and two after “Origin”, David Dando-Moore (Detritus) presents with “Fractured” a third studio album in which he once again manages to both remain true to the elements that have made his success but bring them a step further.

Having become since his début an essential act of the electronic / industrial scene, often requested by festivals and having influenced quite a few younger acts, Detritus hasn't been sitting on his success. If “Origin” was a dark, brooding and downtempo work, “Fractured” shows Detritus having become harder and more incisive, and yet carry on (if not yet improve) the extremely careful production of his sophomore CD. Far from a come-back to the grittier times of “Endogenous”, “Fractured” makes further use of the guitars and samples with 2006's “Thresholds” single, but still remain true to the orchestral, emotional richness which define Detritus's sound.

Compact, straight to the point and yet varied (all the more with the inclusion of remixes by fellow label mates DJ Hidden and Keef Baker), “Fractured” is a cohesive collection of evocative tracks. At times dreamy, at times fierce, here is an album that impresses by his production and his balance, and which will without a doubt seduce both the may long-time Detritus-fans as well as anybody interested in this careful mixture of drum'n'bass and expressive acoustic sounds.

Release date:
Oct 13th, 2007

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Tracklisting: 1. Desolate (5-htp mix)
2. Collide
3. Detrimental
4. Inside Blue Ice
5. Shifts
6. Lethe
7. Diolch
8. Interrupted
9. Dancing On Moonbeans
10. Interrupted (DJ Hidden remix)
11. Dancing On Moonbeans (Weeping mix by Keef Baker)

Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.

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mp3: Desolate (5-htp mix)


Diolch (excerpt)

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