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ImageExillon brings acid to IDM, speeds things up several notch, and bombs the dance floor with a high energy, unmissable album of catchy twisted club tunes. Tapping on his high production skills, "It's OK to Dance" brings back life to twisted beats and complex rhythms and does it all with a smile. It's OK to take the acid test, and certainly impossible to resist. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
In 2006, Exillon had helped bear the grief of IDM with "The Keening Dithers", an album which brilliantly closed chapters both for this musician and for the kind of music he had been known for. Two years later, the keening has dithered for good, and Jay Fields (Exillon) has taken his art from the moody, glitchy and modest waters of his past electronica to more daring, club-oriented and uplifting ones.

It might have to do with Jay Field's relocation to San Francisco, with a more energetic, dance floor-friendly trend in electronic music or just with the evolution of an artist per se; "It's OK To Dance" is a CD in which the clear, sharp and flowing sounds that Exillon has been using since his débuts in the early 200os get mixed and mashed in a lively, bouncy way.

A party album for raving robots, this album is the meeting point of Exillon's hifi sounds and production and a deliciously retro, 90's acid sensibility. Not satisfied with just reviving the acid sound (something which has been done by many, without much soul or innovation), Exillon makes this sound his, and draws from his experience as a beat & tone trickster to bake a whole new recipe altogether. Mixing the best of both worlds, Jay Fields reclaims the dance floor, and manages to entertain his audience without insulting the brain (something which over the year has almost become an Ad Noiseam motto). Good trip guaranteed and yes, it is really OK to dance.


It's OK to Dance
Release date:
January 2008

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Tracklisting: 1. Stomper
2. Bairyhack
3. Hairyback Acid
4. Office Work
5. Darkassid
6. Joqav2
7. Rockmoss
8. T11RMX2
9. Tactile

Artwork by Daniela Knut and Nicolas Chevreux.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Exillon: www.exillon.com


Hairyback acid

Joqav2 (excerpt)

Office Work (excerpt)

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