Lapsed & nonnon "The Death Of Convenience" - adn87
Image"A matter of consciousness": Lapsed's third album sees his pair up with turntablist and producer nonnon and a crew of renowned MC to deliver a wild ride of glitchy electronic hip-hop with an edge. Ranging from heavy head bangers to lyrical narratives, "The Death Of Convenience" impresses by its variety, detail and its maturity. A very rich, well thought and thought-provoking album bearing fruits of many influences and sleepless nights of careful composition. (Get this on CD  / as mp3).
For his third full length album, Lapsed (Salt Lake City's Jason Stevens) pairs up with his long time live-collaborator and turntablist-extraordinaire nonnon (Dave Madden) and enough MC to rap till the end of days, and shows that it is perfectly OK to keep the tempo down and rap about barbecues.

Only three years have passed since Lapsed's début ("Twilight", Ad Noiseam adn34) but the steps taken could hardly be bigger. But with its thicker beats, warmer moods and a lot more vocals, "The Death Of Convenience" is still a logical follow-up to both the sharp click-hop of "Twilight" and the syncopated, head-nodding electronica of Lapsed's 2005's untitled second album. With their ears always open to new sounds and experimentation, armed with failing computers and self-imposed recording limitations, and enriched from their frequent, if not harsh, touring experience, Lapsed and nonnon have come up here with their most hip-hop-oriented album to date, in which Lapsed' electronic glitch and nonnon's turntablism and sampling pair up with the raps of the many MCs they have shared the stage with. And even there, we're speaking of a commending line-up: not only do we get two exciting newcomers (Buck Dexter and Nonsense), but also an all-stars collaboration between Shadowhuntaz's Non Genetic, Subtitle (now Giovanni Marks) and the free styling wonder Bluebird. It wasn't quite enough yet, though, and label mates Ra and Mothboy also got behind their deck to deliver a remix each.

"The Death Of Convenience" is a lot more than yet another electronic hip hop album. Appropriately titled, it is a CD in which nothing is convenient. Genre-less, it rewards those who are willing to abandon instant gratification for substance. Shooting left, right and centre of the glitch, this album takes its listener for a varied high-ride that feels more like a breath-taking, attention-catching movie than a regular album. "The Death Of Convenience" is tale of good-humoured frustration, human machinery and cosmopolitan scratches. To paraphrase its opening track: "stop and think, while you listen".

Lapsed & nonnon
The Death Of Convenience
Release date:
Oct 22nd, 2007

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Tracklisting: 1. Better Your Best
2. Dead End Stare (feat. Buck Dexter)
3. Cdatakill welcome
4. Surge
5. Nothing Left
6. Ad Noiseam
7. God Is A Glitch (feat. Nongenetic, Subtitle and Bleubird)
8. Hapless Plastic (remix by Ra)
9. Rainy Day Parade
10. Moff
11. Z Crazy Eyes (Album Version)
12. Kill the Messenger (feat. Nonsense)
13. Mirthless Method
14. Surge (remix by Mothboy)

Mastered by Sam Gileadi At Alleyway Studios.
Artwork by Andy Pitts.

Information:Lapsed -

mp3:Dead End Stare (feat. Buck Dexter)

Hapless Plastic (remix by Ra)

Rainy Day Parade (excerpt)

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