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Image15 years since his début and 5 since his last studio album: Mick Harris breaks the silence and delivers with "Stealth" one of his most massive works so far. Staying faithful to his trademark sound, this corner-stone of a musician, constantly redefining the boundaries of electronic music, delivers here 8 salvoes of monumental bass, sparse dry beats and deep drones. Let it be heard: Scorn is back. (Get this on CD / on 2x12" / as mp3)
Few musician can boast such a prolific and influential catalog as Mick Harris. Not only has his main project, Scorn, been re-defining and expanding the scope of electronic music and dub, but Harris's discography, featuring literally hundreds of releases, spawns from his début as the original drummer of Napalm Death to a founding member of Painkiller (with Bill Laswell and John Zorn) as well as such seminal projects as the ambient Lull, the drum'n'bass of Quoit or his participation to Extreme Noise Terror. To cut a long story short, (electronic) music wouldn't be the same if this Birmingham-based musician wasn't there.

Fifteen years after Scorn's "Deliverance" début, and five whole years after his latest studio album, it is a transformed Mick Harris (noticeably by his come-back to his drum set) that deliver "Stealth", Scorn's 13th full length studio album. And while music has evolved a lot since 1992's "Deliverance", Scorn has stayed true to his trademark sound. Downtempo, illbient, dubstep have come and gone, but Scorn remains the epitome of minimal, dry beats, wall-of-sound unequalled basses and deep, mesmerizing drones.

Not only a massive, bodily experience, Scorn's monumental tracks (which have proved over the years to provide for unforgettable live sets) impress by their focus and efficiency. Keeping only the bare minimum of what defines dub, Scorn drives these few elements (sparse beats, echoes, and most of all, bass) to their extreme. A godfather of the current come-back of slow, heavy basses in club music, Scorn's method still stand out with its towering, dark and minimal approach. "Stealth" is no exception. Spacious in its execution, oppressive, humongous in its outcome; let it be heard: Scorn is back.


"Stealth" is released in collaboration with Jarring Effects and Ohm Resistance.

adn88cd / fx067
Release date:
Oct 22, 2007

adn88lp / fx067lp
Release date:
Nov 12, 2007

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Tracklisting: 1 / A1. Stripped Back Hinge
2 / A2. Rove
3 / B1. Glugged
4 / B2. Running Rig
5 / C1. Snag
6 / C2. The Palomar
7 / D1. Enough To Hold Bottom
8 / D2. 1.75 TC

Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Artwork by Nicolas Chevreux.

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mp3:Stripped Back Hinge


Enough To Hold Bottom (excerpt)
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