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ImageRaoul Sinier is the musician formerly known as Ra. An appetizer to Raoul Sinier (formerly known as “Ra”) 's third studio album “Brain Kitchen” (to come on Ad Noiseam in 2008), “Huge Samurai Radish” sees this multi talented artist present a new menu of his gritty, catchy and personal electronic hip hop, as well as lend the knife to La Caution, Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox fame), Wisp, Datach'I and Lynx & Ram for five spicy remixes. Tasty and highly addictive. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
He's revealed his true identity, taken some martial arts lessons to overcome the panic, invited his friends and gone back to his recipes. Following "Ultrafood" on Ad Noiseam and "Ev.Panic redone" on Planet Mu, Ra, who is now to be known under as Raoul Sinier, comes bak to Ad Noiseam with a new CD in which he both presents a taste of things to come and lend a few spices from his posse.

Raoul Sinier's tracks keep on getting tastier and tastier: following "Ultrafood" and coming a few months before "Brain Kitchen" (Raoul Sinier's third full length album, to be released on Ad Noiseam in early 2008), today's dish is based on a mean and lean radish on a mission. And just like the two-legged, fearless vegetable giving his title to this CD (and the accompanying video), Sinier's music is a mutant adventurer. Blending in catchy melodies of the kind you whistle under the shower ("Solid Flesh"), syncopated hip hop of the finest blend and gritty, modern electronics, Sinier's new CD confirms that this musician knows to digest many genres and spit out something highly personal and coherent.

Another example of Raoul Sinier's varied horizons and style is the array of remixers to be found on this CD. From the famous La Caution, admittedly one of France's most forward-thinking act, to Cannibal Ox's Vast Aire on the one side, to former former Sublight label-mates Wisp, Datach'I and Lynx & Ram on the other. At times underline the vocal, epic side of Raoul Sinier's music, as times stretching his complex, gritty electronic tones, the five remixes all stray away from the original versions, making of "Huge Samurai Radish" a varied, attention-keeper work.

Beware of the radish, and prepare for 2008's "Brain Kitchen": Raoul Sinier shows here that his spice box is far from empty; one should be ready for many more dishes of tasty tracks.


Here's the video to "Huge Samurai Radish", also by Raoul Sinier (double click for a better view)
Raoul Sinier
Huge Samurai Radish
Release date:
December 2007

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Extras "Huge Samurai Radish" video

Tracklisting: 1. Bring It On
2. Huge Samurai Radish (Video Edit)
3. Untitled6
4. Solid Flesh (Part 2)
5. Bleach Bath
6. March
7. Peephole Crisis
8. Huge Samurai Radish (Lynx And Ram Remix)
9. Huge Samurai Radish (Datach'i Remix)
10. Huge Samurai Radish (Raoul Sinier Remix Featuring Vast Aire)
11. Huge Samurai Radish (Wisp Remix)
12. Huge Samurai Radish (La Caution Remix)

Artwork by Raoul Sinier.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Raoul Sinier: www.raoulsinier.com

mp3: Huge Samurai Radish (Video Edit)

Solid Flesh (part 2)

Huge Samurai Radish (Wisp Remix, excerpt)

Huge Samurai Radish (La Caution Remix, excerpt)

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