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ImageProbably one of the albums on Ad Noiseam which took the longest to complete. Begun years ago, Mad EP's fourth full length album sees this highly praised musician focus on low frequencies and everything which comes with them. Syncopated beats, guest vocals by Shadow Huntaz, MC Equivalant and others and the multi-instrumentation which has made Mad EP famous are all brought back on this artists's heaviest and most direct album to date. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Four years have passed since Mad EP's "Eating Movies", which have been four very busy years. Not only has Matthew Peters (Mad EP) also released two 12" on Ad Noiseam ("When I'm 6" and "Ultrafood" with Raoul Sinier), but he also delivered two more full length albums ("Not Afraid Of Spiders" on Hymen and the huge "Madlands Trilogy" on Ad Noiseam) and, finally, he took the time to write what should be considered as the definitive Mad EP album to date, "Bass.hed".

Somewhat considered as the eternal well known secret, the artist people would recommend to their friends and DJ, Mad EP has grown from the all out experimentator of "Eating Movies" to a more focused and laid back incarnation on "Bass.hed". Where "Eating Movies" and "Not Afraid Of Spiders" were wild rides through electronica, hip hop, jazz and breakcore, this new album has only one leitmotiv: bass, bass, and more bass.

Slower and heavier, "Bass.hed" is also clearly more hip hop. Featuring rhymes by Non Genetic and Breaff of the Shadowhuntaz, Berlin's great Puppetmastaz, Akila Da Hun, Mad EP's regular collaborator equivalent, Jadah and The Gutterbyrds, this new album's lyric aspect doesn't stop with Peter's highly evocative cello, but reaches more depth and sense with these vocals. Add to this the participation of David Young (already playing trumpet on the "Madlands", Aaron Spectre and Si Begg (for some extra bass), and one gets an album which meets fulfill exactly its intention.

A lot more than a regular compilation of tracks, "Bass.hed" is a new gem from Mad EP, and something which should assure him to finally stand out as the accomplished musician he is.

Mad EP
Release date:
April 7th, 2008

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Tracklisting: 1. Madvision
2. Bass.hed Revenge
3. Down In The Gutter (Mad EP& The Gutterbyrds vs. Aaron Spectre)
4. 51 Areas (vocals by Dream of Shadow Huntaz, O'Slick and Akila Da Hun)
5. Nightcrawler (vocals by MC Equivalant)
6 . Pressure Cooker (vocals by MC Equivalant)
7. Clones Remix (original by Puppetmastaz)
8. Nocturnal Journal (vocals by Breaff and Non Genetic from Shadow Huntaz)
9 . Menuet
10. Throw Your Towels (vocals by MC Equivalant)
11. Sugarlips
12. Lightsaber (vocals by Jahdah)
13. I am 2
14. Leaving Brooklyn

Artwork by Ben Didier
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.

Information:Mad EP:

mp3: Madvision

Clones Remix (featuring Puppetmastaz)

Down In The Gutter (excerpt)

Leaving Brooklyn (excerpt)

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