Chevron "Tuff Shite" - adn93
ImageChevron's intricate beats and party anthems get down and dirty with "Tuff Shite". Partly inspired by Chevron's hometown, and partly the result of his extensive live experience all throughout Europe, the six complex, crisp and tongue-in-cheek tracks presented here are also a lot more than just "tuff". Upbeat and clear, the A side displays (again, as if necessary) Chevron's talent for complex rhythms and catchy melodies. Flip the record, and the B side delivers the dancefloor-packing tracks, where jungle, hardcore and breakcore collide in a tasty and incisive way. Welcome to Blackpool, don't let the comets hit you on the way to the club. (Get this on 12" / as mp3).
"Blackpool is a seaside town in Lancashire, England. Lying along the coast of the Irish Sea, it has a population of 142,900, making it the largest settlement in Lancashire and the fourth largest in North West England", or so says Wikipedia about Jonathan Valentine (Chevron)'s hometown. One should soon add that it was the inspiration for this musician's new record (and first for a label outside of the UK).

Having made quite a splash in the IDM fishtank with his 2003's debut 7", soon to be followed by the (now classic) "Everything's Exactly The Same" album on Planet Mu, Chevron has ever since become a regular of the british breakcore and electronic scene. Not only does this productive musician share his flat with Shitmat, but the two have often worked and performed together, Chevron displaying his dancefloor-packing tracks at such festivals as 2007's rain soaked Glastonbury or being part of Shitmat's infamous Wrong Music roster.

Handpicked from more than 40 tracks written in 2006 and 2007, the six comets of “Tuff Shite” will fall on Blackpool, or any soundsystem worldwide, bringing the fun, excitement and at times sonic assault that is now known to come wherever Chevron threads. Thank you Lancashire.

Tuff Shite
Release date:
February 25th, 2008

This record should be played at 45RPM, contrary to what has been mistakingly printed on the label.

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Tracklisting:A1. Criticize
A2. Renegade Cherryade
A3. Aisha Khatoon
B1. Nigel Mansell
B2. Burn Down The Jungle
B3. We Want Hardcore

Artwork by Piratio.
Mastered by C-Drík at Syrphe.


mp3:We Want Hardcore

Burn Down The Jungle (excerpt)

Renegade Cherryade (excerpt)
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