DJ Hidden - Directive
ImageDJ Hidden's fourth studio album displays yet again a refinement in this remarkable musician's techniques and a shift of styles. Rather than offering a long cinematic experience, Noel Wessels gathers here a wide range of tracks, with some of his most experimental tunes to date to some of the hardest. Sharp as always and extremely imaginative, "Directive" impresses in the way it marries genres in a very cohesive way, keeping true to DJ Hidden's aesthetics while pointing out in new directions. A new essential album by an essential producer. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Ontal - Entropia
ImageFrom well-kept secret to one of the most praised names for dark, distorted techno, Ontal are already among the most talked about names for the genre. With "Entropia", this Serbian duo gets the chance to display its talent in a full-length format, offering very diverse material rich in heavy percussive beats, grating noise soundscapes and dynamic arrangements. Drawing inspirations from industrial forefathers as well as from modern producers, Ontal confirms with this album its position as one of the driving force when it comes to heavy, noisy and precise composition. Ever-changing but constantly powerful, "Entropia" is an industrial tour-de-force. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Stavros Gasparatos - Seven - adn170
Image“Seven” is the album presentation of the soundtrack to a stage performance by Stavros Gasparatos, one of Greece's leading modern composers and sound-designers. Mature, coherent and very subtle, it is a beautiful journey through sharp electronic music and modern classical instrumentation. Evocative and powerful, this album carries the richness of the original live show, creates a rich sonic imagery and takes its listeners along a mysterious but elegant story. Get this on CD / as digital files.
Tapage - Eight - adn180
ImageTapage presents with "Eight“ the second part of his conceptual series in which he submits his art to a set of rules related to time and tempo. A lot more than an clinical exercise, this album is also the one in which Tapage unfolds his musical expertise to include acoustic strings, field recordings and prominent vocals. Mesmerizing, subtle, multi-layered and warm, „Eight“ is an essential work by and for an artist who demonstrates here again his ability to evolve and the scope of his talent. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Larvae - Exit Strategy - adn160
ImageLarvae's fourth album is a highly introspect and mesmerizing work which takes a step forward from the more electronic trilogy formed by "Fashion Victim", "Dead Weight" and "Loss Leader". An instrumental, solo work, it is a place where long strings and fragile melodies form a contemplative landscape and relegates the electronic beats to the backgrounc. An intense collection during which Larvae focuses on its most emotional and sincere side, here is a necessary album for introvert nights and profound, closed-eyes listening. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Enduser - Even Weight - adn150
Enduser - Even WeightAfter years of waiting and expectations, Enduser finally comes back with a new album. This towering artist of the drum'n'bass and breakcore scene comes up here with an extremely important and soulful album in which his hard breaks and beats share the stage with much gentler melodies and atmospheres. A highly emotional album whose palette ranges from melancholy to rage, it is a new awe-inspiring album by a musician which proves again that his talent is multidimensional, humane and essential. (Get this on double LP (with full CD inside) / on CD / as digital files)
King Cannibal - All The Colours Of The Night - adn140

King Cannibal - All The Colours Of The NightThe night has roared, and now has many colours and shades on King Cannibal's most varied record to date. From this established producer's insidious remix of Bong-Ra's "Come Out To Play" or Machine Code's anthemic and furious version of "Dirt" to the more laid back and melodic remixes by Krumble and Dead Fader, this EP is an accurate snapshot of what King Cannibal is about: not only can he pack a dancefloor, but he also delivers gentle tunes or impressive beatwork. King Cannibal has a posse, an untamed, diverse one.(get this on 12" / as digital files)

Detritus "Things Gone Wrong" - adn121
ImageDetritus's fourth full length album is both a general update of what could be hinted at with the previous three and this act's opening to new territory. Very detailed, and combining both ferocious drum'n'bass moments with delicate and touching melodies, "Things Gone Wrong" caresses, kicks and impresses as Detritus's most crafted. A treat for the fan, and an excellent snapshot of what this act is about for the newcomers. (Get this on CDas mp3)
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Succubus - adn112
ImageSeductive but perilous, he Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble's new session under the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation name is a new combination of drones and jazz. Creating sensual, murky and dark atmospheres, “Succubus” the evolution of this band, with stronger horns and a focus on hypnotic, soundtrack-like material. A deep, dark and yet seductive trip again for the corporation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Larvae "Loss Leader" - adn101
ImageA work in two acts, Larvae's third full length album is a perfect snapshot of this band's tastes and talents. With a touching and poetic first part made of epic guitar melodies and drony atmospheres and a second act going back to Larvae's beatier and heavier "Monster Music" past, "Loss Leader" is at times poignant, at times playful. Another well thought step forward for the band (in two directions at once), and another impressive work for Larvae.(Get this on CD / as mp3)
Spyweirdos, John Mourjopoulos and Floros Floridis "Epistrophy At Utopia" - adn91
ImageGreece's Spyweirdos, who received a lot of attention in the recent years for his sharp and subtle glitchy electronica, pairs up this time with the two improv / free jazz musicians John Mourjopoulos and Floros Floridis. The three give birth to a surprisingly human, warm and catchy game of clicks, horns and strings. Deep, abrasive, but funky at parts: no surprise that the live rendition of this album have received excellent reviews. (Get this on CD / as mp3).
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation "Doomjazz Future Corpses" - adn81
ImageThe Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is the new free-form, drone metal / jazz atler-ego of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, the band formed by Jason Kohnen (aka Bong-Ra) and Giedon Kiers. A recording of the ensemble's best live session, “Doomjazz Future Corpses!” focuses on mesmerizing, doom-ridden drones and melodies, combined with the jazzy grooves and melodies of the cello and saxophones. An highly suffocating journey through the deep realms of murky drone jazz / metal, heavy and unfettered. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cakebuilder "Decks'n'Demons" - adn71
ImageBreakcore ghetto tunes for the discerning zombie. For his debut record, Winnipeg's Cakebuilder present a well produced four tracker combining the best of breakcore and rave. Hard, infectious and twisted, his tracks are sure to bring some fresh air to decks and playlist worldwide. (Get this on 12"as mp3).
Enduser & Larvae "Unraveled Ears" - adn61
ImageAfter having played concerts together on many occasions, remixed each other (Larvae on Enduser's “Bollywood Breaks” and Enduser on Larvae's “Empire) and having been featured on many compilations together, Enduser and Larvae were bound to meet each other on wax. At the top of their form, Enduser and Larvae presents here the definite encounter of hard hitting breakcore and bass-heavy, dark drum'n'bass. With its high-level production and a great attention to the detail, “Unraveled Ears” is a juggernaut of heavy beats, sudden breaks and sweeping low frequencies: godsend for DJ, and a treat for all fans of clever hard tunes. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
v/a "Ad Noiseam 2001-2006" - adn60
ImageAd Noiseam turns 5 year old, and celebrates by presenting a triple pack compilation, with one new new track by past, present and future Ad Noiseam artists, as well as videos by almost half of them. More than a collection of various material thrown together, “Ad Noiseam 2001-2006” is a testimony of what Ad Noiseam is about, and how the label has grown into a melting pot of sounds, genres and feelings, focusing on music quality without ever embracing fashions and scenes. (Get this as mp3)
AZ-Rotator "Science Of Chance" - adn50
ImageThe debut album by Spanish sensation AZ-Rotator is a detailed-to-the-bone combination of fractal beats, beautiful harmonies and abrupt breaks. Constantly on the move, these tracks are the result of a careful digital trickery, pushing the envelope of what can be re-invented with complex electronic music, and how tasty it can be. “Science of chance” is an album of uncommon beauty, paired with a masterful sense for electronic composition. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Andrey Kiritchenko "Interplays, In Between" - adn40
ImageFollowing the release in 2003 of his first full length work (“Kniga Skazok”, also on Ad Noiseam), Andrey Kiritchenko presents here is second album, which crowns the progress and incessant activity of this Kharkov, Ukraine based musician. Having collaborated with such acts as Scanner, Kim Cascone, or Kotra and played basically each and every music festival in eastern Europe (as well as the Transmediale, Garage and Information Wants To Be Free festivals in Germany), this artist has become the spearheading figure of the Ukrainian electronic music scene, and one of the best regarded composer from the former eastern block. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Magwheels & Stone Glass Steel "Pane" - adn30
ImageFor its second album on Ad Noiseam, Portland, OR based prodigy David Sullivan (Magwheels) teams up with industrial icon Phil Easter (Stone Glass Steel) and presents a musical dialogue for guitars, noise pedals and samplers. (Get this on CD)
Mago "Definition of raw moments..." - adn20
adn20tRecorded over two years in Sweden and Germany, “Definition of raw moments from a different perspective” is an album that indeed presents a different standpoint to industrial and electronic music, conjugating them in its own soulful fashion. What Mago defines here is a new shade of poetry made into warm and poignant music. (Get this on CD / as digital files).
Ativ & Radial "Split" - adn10
ImageComing both out of the boiling New York City rhythmic noise scene, Ativ and Radial are two of the most promising acts that appeared with the rise of the Frozen Empire Media label. For their first release outside of this label, the complex electronica act Ativ and the ferocious and noisy Radial (already present on "Krach Test" with the track "Epithet") join forces on four tracks (two from each act, remixed by the other).
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