Wilt "As giants watch over us" - adn35
ImageTwo years after the colossal "Radio 1940", in which James Keeler had transcribed his conceptions of the 40's into music, Wilt is back with a new album (his third on Ad Noiseam), looking this time definitely further ahead. Progressing from his mostly atmospheric works, Wilt now integrates new elements into his encompassing sound, implementing cut-ups, modern electronics and a multitude of different styles. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Uniform "Not A Word" - adn24
ImageFollowing his critically acclaimed "Irony is" album on Mute Records, the musician behind 2nd Gen presents here his new project, Uniform, with the first album of this mysterious act. "Not a word": a disc that does contain words, but will you find them? Who knows what they are saying, and why? (Get this on CD).
Somatic Responses "Dying Language" - adn13
Image"Dying language" is post-something, yes. But it is also in the middle of pure electronic jewelry. Finish your leek soup and learn a new language.(Get this as mp3)
Tarmvred "Subfusc" - adn4

Image"Subfusc", the first album by the rhythmic noise prodigy Tarmvred. Energy, speed, complexity, diversity. Here are the keywords of "Subfusc", an album that will surprise a lot of people set a new standard for the rhythmic noise genre, and definitely offer more than the usual release of this kind, somewhere between industrial rhythms and hard techno. Includes a remix by Converter.(Get this as mp3)

Ruby My Dear t-shirts

Ruby My Dear logo t-shirtsThese t-shirts show Ruby My Dear logo, printed in white, intertwined with artwork from his "Form" album, printed in orange. (get this)

Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Maigre - adn184
ImageA match made in heaven: Igorrr, well known for the madness of multi-instrumental epic breakcore, pairs up with Ruby My Dear, one of the finest and most imaginative producers of the genre. The result is an intense EP which seamlessly combines these two musicans' own sounds and takes the listener on an impressive trip. Hardcore beats, metal riffs, growls, opera vocals, sub-basses, absurd samples, sudden breaks: all these and more are found in "Maigre", not thrown aimlessly, but carefully wrought in an EP which might advance a whole music scene forward. Get this on 12" / on CD / as digital files.
Enduser Shares Needles with The Teknoist - adn164
Image10 years after "Panacea Shares Needles with Tarmvred", Needle Sharing comes back to Ad Noiseam for a new threeway collaborative project, this time pairing up with the renowned breakcore furies that are Enduser and The Teknoist. Three sound-pools, nine tracks, and three different ways to approach hard drum'n'bass, hardcore and breakcore: this new association gives birth an album which, however mercilessly hard and pounding it might be, also impresses by its diversity and the care given to its details it communicates. A long awaited, very welcome and impressively energetic album which is more than just the sum of its parts. Get this on CD / as digital files.
Hecq - Conversions - adn174
ImageThe fruit of a very long writing process and a project which Hecq had been wanting to bring for completion for years, "Conversions" is this artist's homage to his peers, influences and friends. From Bersarin Quartet to Lusine ICL, from Svarte Greiner to The Outside Agency, Ben Lukas Boysen chose for this album eleven tracks which mean a lot to him, and delivers here his own versions and remixes. A highly personal and uncommonly varied album which Hecq has been creating with care and carrying close to his heart. Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files.
Matta & Niveau Zero - Riot / Be Real - adn154
Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real" - adn154Taking a break from the recording of their respective new albums, Niveau Zero and Matta, two acts at the core of Ad Noiseam's dubstep side, pair up again for two highly infectious and massive tunes. Not just the sum of Matta's pounding sharpness and Niveau Zero's club-smartness, but an actual sublimation of each of these musician's talent: both tracks on this new EP marry the weight and drive you could expect but do so with a great care for details and finesse. Molotov cocktails and riot gears have never sounded so fitting.Get this on 12" / as digital files
Wormskull - Sound Of Hell - adn144

Wormskull - Sound Of Hell - Ad Noiseam adn144First, Wormskull is an all star band formed by Bong-Ra, Deformer, Balazs Pandi and Eni-Less. But it's also a full frontal sonic assault that taps from years of experience in the metal and electronic scenes to come up with a high-energy, moshpit-packing devil of an album. Don't believe what you were told: it's not a team of Soviet scientists who recorded the sounds of hell, but a quartet of angry, experienced musicians who love their metal dark, their beats punishing, and their atmospheres abysmal. Heavy riffs, complex drumming, electronic arrangements that have their roots in Bong-Ra's breakcore: Wormskull is nothing for the weak of heart. (get this on LP + CD / on CD / as digital files)

Black Lung - The Soul Consumer - adn136

Black Lung - The Soul Consumer - adn136 Stepping out of Australia's outback with a vengeance, Black Lung adds a bloody new chapter to his towering discography. A composer whose talent is rivalled only by his uncommon production techniques, David Thrussell applies a whole new recipe to his beats, noises and glitches on “The Soul Consumer” (and the accompanying "The First Tender Cut" 12"). Darkly playful, twistedly uplifting, noisily organic, this album is a ride as wild as the sessions that saw its inception. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

Hecq - Sura - adn128
Image "Sura" is the long-awaited release of Hecq's most energized tracks, which he has been performing live in the recent times. This multi-talented stakhanovite of audio production turns dubstep into a exhilarating new beast, in which the gargantuan basses come armed with sharp metal beats. The result is a record of epic proportions, comes as the redeeming encounter of the dancefloor and pristine audio production. Get this on 12" / as mp3
DJ Hidden - The Words Below - adn118

Image Offering a sequel to what is already seen as a masterpiece wasn't an easy task for DJ Hidden. And still, "The Words Below" manages to take this producer sharp, beautiful and percussive sound a step higher than 2007's "The Later After". Intense, crisp and varied, this new album doesn't only confirm that DJ Hidden is at the very top of the pyramid of drum'n'bass producer, but forces us to ask ourselves how we could have thought otherwise. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

Sickboy "Time To Play vol. 1" - adn107
ImageThe first volume of two, this record is the vinyl pendant to Sickboy's “Time to Play” CD, recently released on Ad Noiseam. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Machine Girl - adn97
ImageRe-mastered, re-cut and given a whole record on their own, the four tracks written by Enduser and Line 47 back in 2003 get a second life on Ad Noiseam. Ranging from the most aggressive and noisy breakcore to melodic, syncopated material, the material on this record shows both producers at the top of their form and still is, 5 years after their original release on Sonicterror, a pearl of the breakcore scene. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Lapsed & nonnon "The Death Of Convenience" - adn87
Image"A matter of consciousness": Lapsed's third album sees his pair up with turntablist and producer nonnon and a crew of renowned MC to deliver a wild ride of glitchy electronic hip-hop with an edge. Ranging from heavy head bangers to lyrical narratives, "The Death Of Convenience" impresses by its variety, detail and its maturity. A very rich, well thought and thought-provoking album bearing fruits of many influences and sleepless nights of careful composition. (Get this on CD  / as mp3).
Mad EP & Ra "Ultrafood" - adn77
Image"Ultrafood" is the new audio creation of the two forward-thinking audio chefs that are Mad EP and Ra, presenting here a brand new and fresh way to mix the hip hop recipe with cautiously baked breaks, spicy samples and tasty textures. A catchy, heart-warming meal awaits you here, served together with the astonishing visual cutlery or Ra's painting. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Enduser "Pushing Back" - adn67
ImageEnduser's new album takes you for a ride somewhere between fury and harmony: "Pushing Back" is a perfect balance between Lynn Standafer's hard drum'n'bass and an intense, careful work with melodies and vocals. Featuring Nongenetic (of SShadow Huntaz), Kazumi, and none other than Jared Louche of Chemlab, and remixes by DJ Hidden and Bong-Ra, "Pushing Back" is a new album Enduser can be very proud of. (Get this on CD / as mp3).
Enduser & Submerged "Appropriate & Deface" - adn54
ImageOn the tail of Enduser’s successful releases on Ad Noiseam, and introducing Submerged to the label, "Appropriate and deface" is a meeting of these two icons of the hard drum’n’bass scene, bringing a new face to a massive sound, new clothes to an energetic genre. Enduser is on everybody’s lips for his efficient combination of d’n’b and breaks and Submerged is known for unleashing monstrous basses through his Ohm Resistance label, the two had never worked together; it had to be corrected, here comes their encounter. Hide the subwoofers. (Get this as mp3)
Mad EP "Eating Movies" - adn44
ImageMad E.P. is here to stay. This has been said before and will be said again. Combining the rich, diverse and musically very mature work on "Eating movies" with numerous concerts and the impressive feedback given to the previous "When I'm 6" (qualified as "one of the essential alternative hip hop records of 2004"), "Eating movies" is here to marvel at, to enjoy, to head nod and dance to, to scare and impress. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
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