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Ad Noiseam Summer 2011 label compilation

Ad Noiseam Summer 2011 compilationFour volume of the label compilations series, with a new selection of 14 tracks. As usual, a CDR copy is given with each purchase from the Ad Noiseam online store. This digital version intends on being an way to check out and discover some sounds you might have missed. (Download the free version / Buy the high resolution version)

Swarm Intelligence - Rust - adn189
ImageSwarm Intelligence's new album is a remarkable homage to decay and bleakness. He has spent the last year gathering recordings of abandoned power stations and factories, corroded metal and found objects. The source material was rearranged, processed and woven into intense, distorted landscapes and sharp, metallic drums. With "Rust", Swarm Intelligence has taken the cold hard elements of metal and forged them into a warmer, more organic sound, resulting in a strikingly stark, dissonant and immersive journey. (Get this on clear double LP / on CD / as digital files)
Broken Note - Black Mirror - adn169
ImageFour years of live shows and painstaking experimentations later, Broken Note is back to quench our thirst for organic bass and intense beats. "Black Mirror" is a further refinement of this act's core sound: heavy, dense and cutting-edge, but also a step forward towards more cinematic sonorities, faster beats and new structures. As exhilirating as ever, powerful and encompassing, Broken Note anno 2014 proves that this act has no equal when it comes to sharp, sub-driven innovation. Here comes exactly the record that any Broken Note fan has been waiting and asking for. Get this on 12" / as digital files.
Underhill - Prologue - adn179
ImageFollowing the larger-than-life "Silent Siren" and preceding a new album as a full-band, "Prologue" is an instrumental, introvert musical dialogue between Dean Rodell and Ivan Shopov. If both are known for their beat-driven music, Underhill's new album is what they listen to and write when the time comes for calm moments and beauty. A melancholic and beautiful play of acoustic tones, dub atmospheres and electronic glitches, "Prologue" provides a welcome respite to an overdriven electronic scene and does so with subtlety and humanity. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Oyaarss - Bads - adn159
ImageBleak, fiercely heavy, distorted and yet so close to the soul: Oyaarss's debut album is an impressive work of pulsions, subtlety and coldness. Tapping from electronic experimentations as much as from metal atmospheres, "Bads" builds massive tracks of noisy percussions towering on the most desolate icy soundscapes. Something to close you eyes to or to head-bang along, a highly gifted album of gritty strings, antagonistic beats and detailed builds-up; a colossal, self-imposing work of extremely rare power and depth. (Get this on CD / as digital files)
Hecq - Enceladus - adn149
Image A follow-up of sort to "Sura", "Enceladus" is another evolution for Hecq: his pristine dubstep gets enriched here with even more encompassing soundscapes and humane melodies. Collaborating with Skyence on the title track, Hecq has given birth to a very coherent record mixing cinematic atmospheres, huge percussions and a light nod to retro tonalities. Add to this a mischievous crunk remix by Knight Riderz and a dancefloor explosion by Mobthrow, and you get a compact yet exhaustive snapshot of Hecq's unmissable talent. Get this on 12" / as digital files
Bong-Ra - Monster - adn131
Bong-Ra - Monster - adn131After a couple of years of silence, Bong-Ra returns to the foreground with a conceptual EP which shows an surprising new side of this project. Marrying his pummelling beats and high speed breaks with lush instrumentations and acoustic strings, Bong-Ra's "Monster" sounds hard and human at the same time. The carefully design of an experienced and imaginative producer, this many-headed sonic Cerberus is an extravagant monster of outstanding force and depth. (Get this on 12" / on CD / as mp3)
Roel Funcken - Vade - adn122
Roel Funcken - Vade The début solo album by one of the two Funckarma brothers, “Vade” is a deep and intense re-interpretation of many current electronic genres by one of the most praised actors of this scene. Painstakingly detailed, deep and ever-morphing release, this full length album sees Roel Funcken expresses his takes at dubstep, IDM or club beats, free of any boundaries and preconceptions. A particularly rewarding and mesmerizing album which confirms once again the talent of relevance of this producer. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Broken Note "Let 'Em Hang / Meltdown" - adn113
Image Broken Note return with a second record for Ad Noiseam. A follow-up to 2008's “Crux / Zealot” and an appetizer of sorts to their upcoming full length CD (to be released on Ad Noiseam in the Autumn of 2009), this 12” packs two new tracks by this fast-rising remarkable (and remarked) British duo. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Broken Note - Crux / Zealot - adn102
ImageBroken Note puts the grist back in dubstep for their first record on Ad Noiseam, and demonstrate how heavy, dark and efficient this genre can be. Shattered, colossal and bridging dubstep and breakcore, the two tracks on this 12” are guaranteed to pack dancefloors and ruin a few subwoofers. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Raoul Sinier "Brain Kitchen" - adn92

ImageAnnounced with the "Huge Samurai Radish" single and remix CD in December 2007, Ra(oul Sinier)'s third studio album is follows up and builds upon the material of his previous "Wxfdswxc2" (released on Sublight). Intricate melodies, gritty undertones, imaginative structures are thrown into a canvas of IDM and electronic hip-hop, forming a tasty and tasty whole. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

Cdatakill "Bleeding Hearts vol. 1" - adn82
ImageFollowing the acclaimed "Valentine" CD released on Ad Noiseam in October 2006, Cdatakill returns with "Bleeding Hearts", a companion to the full length album, spread on two records. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
Jvox "QED" - adn72
ImageThird full length album for Jvox, who presents here his own personal combination of flowing electronica, warm sounds and downbeat. Precise but warm, and always groove-ridden, "QED" injects a impressive dose of humanity and audio craftsmanship in his IDM sensibilities. (Get this on CD / as mp3).
Larvae "Dead Weight" - adn62
ImageWith their second album, Larvae strip their music out of the genres they had been associated with, and focus on a sincere reflection on their musical roots, their position as a band, and their place in the musical landscape. Integrating guitars on most tracks and vocals (by Jessica Bailiff, Shadowhuntaz, Hope For Agoldensummer and Scalper), Larvae give here birth to a very soulful and wonderfully produced album which can not be overlooked, a work of great substance and talent. (Get this on CD / on 2x12" / as mp3)
Keef Baker "Pure Language" - adn59
ImageFollowing two CDs on n5md, UK's multitalented Keef Baker offers on Ad Noiseam a solid 6-track MCD in which his music takes a resolute accoustic and organic turn. Warm voices flow through "Pure Language" on top of a very distinctive bass and a new found drum'n'bass twist. Keef Baker enriches this vocabulary with a playful use of tempo changes and contained noise, writing down a music both human and massive, full of emotion and yet assertive. "Pure Language" is neither a whisper nor a shout, but a thoughtful and laid statement, to be listen to with care and enjoyed with ears wide opened. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Bong-Ra / Enduser / Shitmat "Monsters Of Mashup" - adn49
ImageBong-Ra, Enduser and Shitmat, three artists perfectly embodying the mashup sounds, are embarking in May 2005 for a long tour that will bring them all over Europe. „Monsters of Mashup“ is the testimony of these three musicians’ sound, and an accurate snapshot of the sound they will unleash during their set. (Get this as mp3)
Mothboy "The Fears" - adn39
ImageMothboy is London-based Simon Smerdon. Starting as a bass player for hardcore and metal bands in his native Devon, he turned to electronic music after his move to London in 1996, forming Ocosi shortly thereafter. He then recorded two Cds with this band (one with Mick Harris of Scorn fame and one with Ad Noiseam band mate Horchata) before quitting the band in 1999. Mothboy was then born as Smerdon’s main project. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Larvae "Fashion Victim" - adn29
ImageFollowing their recent “Monster Music” EP (adn28) , Larvae present here their first full length album, “Fashion Victim”. The most ambitious work of these American artists to date, this album is also the culminating point of a painstaking improvement, research and mixing of influences. Powerful, intelligently written and uncommonly diverse, “Fashion Victim” is an album which goes back to the essence of a real music album, for its tracks are coherent, linked into a whole, and yet possess quality which could make each stand on its own. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Wilt "Radio 1940" - adn19
Image"Radio 1940" is Wilt's fourth album, and his most ambitious work to date. If the first three were experiments with a certain array of sounds and certain instruments, "Radio 1940" focuses on an atmosphere and a mood, all the possible sounds and means being use to recreate a precise concept. The nineteen tracks of this double CD were created as individual piece, under the influence of literature, architecture, design and history of the 1940's. Neither a political statement nor a cultural manifesto, this album is a dusty photo album of this period, transferred into sounds by one of today's masters of sonic experimentation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
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