Ad Noiseam "Roster" t-shirt
Ad Noiseam "Roster" t-shirt New label t-shirts, bearing the Ad Noiseam logo and a list of all the bands that have released on the label between 2001 and 2013. For once, these shirts are available in several colors, but not in black. Get these shirts.
Ad Noiseam Autumn 2010 label compilation

ImageThird volume of the label compilations series, with a new selection of 13 tracks and a video. As usual, a CDR copy is given with each purchase from the Ad Noiseam online store. This digital version intends on being an way to check out and discover some sounds you might have missed.

Gore Tech - Futurphobia - adn185
ImageSkies are dark and sounds even darker on Gore Tech's follow-up to his 2013's "Machine Throne". The highly dystopian "Futurphobia" is the definitive coming-of-age record for this young artist, who has gained a lot of experience though incessant touring and track-writing in the recent years. Combining the heavy and infectious breakcore bangers he is known for with slower, very daring pieces, "Futurphobia" is an important step forward for Gore Tech, who both sharpens, deepens and widens his talent, becoming an essential figure of the breakcore scene.Get this on 12" / on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files.
Ben Lukas Boysen - Gravity - adn168
ImageThe first album by Ben Lukas Boysen (also known for being the musician behind Hecq), "Gravity" is a deeply personal work in which this highly-praised producer sheds the artifacts of electronic music to compose a solemn and touching album of beauty and depths. Melancholic piano lines, warm analogue sound, tender drums: "Gravity" is only as sad as you want it to be, for it is first a solitary and introvert journey through heights and emotions. Much more than a new beginning: a revealing. Get this on LP (with the CD inside) / on CD / as digital files.
Monolog - Merge - adn178
ImageA year after “2 Dots Left”, Monolog combines styles, unites collaborators and fuses influence in his most varied album to date. “Merge” is a perfect snapshot of this musician's tastes, talents and scope, from abysmal basses to club-packing breaks and vocal-based experimentations. Lyrical, warm, heavy and sharp, Monolog's music takes its listener along a coherent but colourful demonstration which keeps on pushing boundaries and redefining the project itself. This might well be the album with which Monolog unfolds its wide, human, and impressively powerful self. (Get this on CD / as a poster print with download code / as digital files)
Whourkr - 4247 Snare Drums - adn158
ImageHarder, faster, more guitars, more growls. Whourkr is Igorrr's metal alter-ego, and “4247 Snare Drums” is this act's third full length album. The product of a painstakingly long recording process by two musicians who are already seen as some of the hardest-working perfectionist in the scene, it is also a towering culmination of extreme metal run through equations, growls laid down mathematically, and guitars calculated for maximum efficiency. Polymorphous, violent, absurd but also extremely detailled, here comes the deadliest, ugliest and most precise sow-metal you could imagine. (Get this on double LP + CD / on CD / as digital files )
Detritus - Everyday Explanations - adn148
ImageWith "Everyday Explanations", Detritus doesn't only come back from a short-lived retirement but also operates a strong shift toward more home-listening material. Profound enough to lose yourself in and focusing on atmospheres rather than on beats, this album is the one in which Detritus's obsessive care for the details is best put to use and results in the what is surely this artist's most surprising, personal and subtle release to date. (Get this on CDas digital files)
Igorrr - Nostril - adn132

Igorrr - Nostril - adn132Prepare for some spastic thrashing and epic vocalizing: Igorrr might very well be the great white hope of whatever-core. With "Nostril", this French musician draws from his impressive recording experience to create a dense and particularly wild ride that puts enthusiasm and energy back in your stereo: fast beats, sudden breaks, majestic moments, the whole thing crystal clear and more detailed than the most roccoco paintings. Free of any recognizable influences, new and very fun: here's quite a tremendous slap in the face from an act to follow closely. (Get this on CD / on double LP / as mp3)

Mothboy - Bunny - adn123
Mothboy - Bunny - Ad Noiseam adn123 Third and final studio album by Mothboy. With "Bunny", one of the most varied and innovative act on Ad Noiseam brings a chapter to an end with an album that condensates everything Mothboy has been known for: a very rich sound, heavy basses, infectious rhythms, well chosen and even better used vocals, and of course a moving, lush jazz touch. Cute, sweet, but dangerous and bloody, here's a an album well illustrated by its cover artwork, and which both crowns and expands Mothboy's essential and personal sound. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
DJ Hidden - The Words Below Limited Editions Vinyl Series vol.1 - adn114

Image This 12" is the first volume of "The Words Below"'s limited vinyl edition.
Ad Noiseam is releasing three 12" called "The Words Below Limited Vinyl Series" (in September, October and December 2009) as a vinyl pendant to DJ Hidden's "The Words Below" second full length album (coming out on CD). The first two volume contain three tracks each, appearing in slightly different versions than on the CD (to be slightly more DJ friendly). The third volume will contain two remixes (not included on the CD) by DJ Hidden and Eye-D (the other half of The Outside Agency). (Get this on 12" / as mp3)

The Teknoist "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" - adn103
ImageHard, relentless, creative, monstrous, and still friendly: The Teknoist's first full length album is a storm of shattered pounding beats, anthemic riffs, and aggressive breaks. And still, it is also a humane and deep work that knows when to take the time to seduce its listener. Between the most insane moshpit and inventive melodies, here comes hurricane of yet uncharted magnitude. (Get this on CD / on 12" / as mp3).
Chevron "Tuff Shite" - adn93
ImageChevron's intricate beats and party anthems get down and dirty with "Tuff Shite". Partly inspired by Chevron's hometown, and partly the result of his extensive live experience all throughout Europe, the six complex, crisp and tongue-in-cheek tracks presented here are also a lot more than just "tuff". Upbeat and clear, the A side displays (again, as if necessary) Chevron's talent for complex rhythms and catchy melodies. Flip the record, and the B side delivers the dancefloor-packing tracks, where jungle, hardcore and breakcore collide in a tasty and incisive way. Welcome to Blackpool, don't let the comets hit you on the way to the club. (Get this on 12" / as mp3).
Cdatakill "Bleeding Hearts vol. 2" - adn83
ImageSecond volume of "Bleeding Hearts", the two remix 12" companion to Cdatakill's "Valentine" album. (Get this on 12" / as mp3)
DJ Hidden "The Later After" - adn73

ImageAfter 25 releases on vinyl over the course of seven years (not counting the ones of his Outside Agency and Semiomime monikers), for such labels as Ruff Teck, Outbreak, Killing Sheep or Sub/Version, here comes finally the first full length album by DJ Hidden. "The Later After" presents a hour long of new material ranging from the hardest and most twisted drum'n'bass to more downtempo, atmospheric tracks. At the same time a long due crowning for this musician and a perfect introduction for people who have been missing out, "The Later After" is the most accomplished and unequaled achievement by this impudently skillful producer. (Get this on CD / as mp3)

Wilt "Dark Meadows" - adn63
ImageWilt's new album is also their first as a band, with the electronic experimentation being combined with acoustic walls of bass and noise. Wide, dusty and dark, "Dark Meadows" displays Wilt's new psychedelic and atmospheric approach to its deeply textured ambiances. "Dark Meadows" is one the most rewarding and sombre of works of Wilt, for it marries it organic darkness with an acute sense of melody and an ever-present cavernous bass. A massive, encompassing and profound work of art. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Dälek "Streets All Amped" - adn58
ImageDälek offer with "Streets All Amped" a new record of their original mixture of massive noise, heavy beats, intelligent vocals and detailed turntablism. Never short of talent, this act has now approached its sound from a new angle, placing the vocals more in the background than ever before since their "Necro Negro Nekros" album, and adding more details to their colossal wall of sound. "Streets All Amped" is a new display of virtuosity in an awe-inspiring discography, a record of sheer brilliance. (Get this as mp3)
Larvae "Empire" - adn48
ImageFollowing the "Fashion Victim" album and its "Monster Music" introductory single, "Empire" is a “different” release for Larvae. Having presented his music live worldwide, Matthew Jeanes realized that he had more expectations to live up to than ever before. He was not struggling anymore to find an audience for his weird beats, and heavy basses. People were dancing, praising the shows, and asking for more. And still, he knew that the second album would be of a much more laid back and quieter answer to "Fashion Victim". The off-the-hook, part novelty "Monster Music" had to find a sequel. But still, the Godzilla reference had to be put to rest, and "Empire" was born. (Get this on 12" / Get this as mp3)
Curtis Chip "Eating Paste" - adn38
ImagePeople wanted it, people asked for it, here it is. Curtis Chip's long awaited and much talked about first full length CD, in the form of a re-release of his highly acclaimed "Eating Paste" 12" (on Zod Records), enriched with new material, seven remixes and a track from his first 12" ("Binoculars"). (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Larvae "Monster Music" - adn28
ImageFirst discovered through the “Low End Recon” compilation in which they shared the bill with Mick Harris (Scorn / Quoit) and Not Breathing, the American duo Larvae has been active for years in various media fields, performing with video, photographic and audio installation. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
Cordell Klier "Apparitions" - adn18
ImageIs this the ghost of a beat you just heard? Are these voices you perceive between the precise glitches of the "Apparitions". Microscopic noises and dynamic clicks guide you through a tunnel of razor sharp walls. For "Apparitions" takes place indeed in a glasshouse of small glitches, clicks. All very carefully edited, and rendered in a very evocative art piece. Above the low floating frequencies constantly pop the remains of rhythms, "Apparitions" of a beautiful and abstract music. (Get this on CD / as mp3)
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