What is Ad Noiseam?
Ad Noiseam is a music label active since 2001 and based in Berlin, Germany.

Ad Noiseam's purpose is to release interesting music from a variety of genres. Mainly focused on electronic music, the label has released in the past albums and singles from such a variety of styles as clicks'n'cuts, breakcore, drones, IDM, jazz or dubstep. Ad Noiseam is clearly not a niche label.

On top of the label activities, Ad Noiseam is also a mailorder and a distribution channel for both in-house and other labels' releases. Since 2001, Ad Noiseam has spread CDs and records to end customers, stores and other mailorders worldwide.

Is the release X or Y still available?

All releases not listed in the Ad Noiseam online store are sold out and not available anymore.

Sold out items might be repressed, or might be back in limited quantities, but items not currently listed are not available at all from Ad Noiseam. 

What about the geek stuff?

The current, third version of the Ad Noiseam website was developped by Nicolas Chevreux over a much too long period of time.

Please report all bugs or wishes directly to Ad Noiseam.
Email address & PGP key

To get in touch with Ad Noiseam, send an email to info (at) adnoiseam (dot) net


Ordering from the mailorder.
Purchasing records or digital releases from Ad Noiseam is a simple, straightforward process that follows a few steps typical of online mailorders.
Demo policy

We listen to demos, and several acts on Ad Noiseam were noticed because they sent one. However, there are several things to take into account before sending one:

Donations to Amnesty International

It is a known fact that music labels are greedy, heartless money machines. To confirm this, Ad Noiseam is donating a fix amount on each sales of its mp3 releases to Amnesty International.
By buying the legal, official mp3 version of an Ad Noiseam release on this site, you are helping the label support Amnesty International, who will get a portion of what you paid. This applies only to the orders placed through the Ad Noiseam webstore, and not to Ad Noiseam mp3 sold elsewhere.

How to book Ad Noiseam artists.
If you want to book Ad Noiseam artists for an event, please get in touch via email to info (at) adnoiseam (dot) net . We're booking directly some artists, and will point you to the booking agencies working for the others.
Always include in your email the date and place of your event, as well as a short description of your activities.
What releases are available as digital downloads?
Generally speaking, all the Ad Noiseam releases are now available directly from this site as full, 320 Kbs mp3 downloads.
However, Ad Noiseam didn't get the authorization from some artists or copyright holders for a few releases, which are therefore not available as downloads.
Ad Noiseam on other (social) websites.

Looking for more Ad Noiseam related websites, and want to "be our friend"? Here's a couple of addresses where you can do so:


Help about:
Latest releases
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  • 2methyl - Layer 8 - adn187
  • Stavros Gasparatos - Expanded Piano - adn186
  • Gore Tech - Futurphobia - adn185
  • Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Maigre - adn184
  • Swarm Intelligence - Faction - adn183
  • Oyaarss - Zemdega - adn182
  • Free compilation
  • Ad Noiseam Summer 2011 label compilation
  • Live shows:

    and the girl said "can you play some pretty drum'n'bass?"