Sep 14: Enduser, Machine Code, Kirdec & Nicolas Chevreux in Berlin, DE

September 14th

Surgical #3, the Burn The Machine 2013 warm-up party

Machine Code
Soak, Vertigo, Sonair, Nicolas Chevreux (Ad Noiseam) and the Deathrave crew

at Subland
Wiesenweg 5

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Surgical #3, the Burn The Machine 2013 warm-up party

Burn The Machine quarterly Surgical parties return on September 14, bringing you another night of heavy crossbreed, incisive breakcore and hard industrial sound. This third instalment of the series is also our warm-up to the 2013 edition of the Burn The Machine festival, taking place itself from October 31st to November 2nd.


& our resident second floor by the Deathrave crew.

taking place:
September 14th
at Subland
Wiesenweg 5
Berlin Friedrichshain

5 Euro before two, 8 Euro later

Festival passes for the Burn The Machine 2013 festival will be available during this party.


What else is there to be said about Enduser and even more about Enduser in Berlin? Every single show that this American breakcore producer has played in this city has been packed solid, at every location and in every line-up.
One of the biggest names of breakcore and one of the longest running and most productive artist of the genre, Lynn Standafer (Enduser)'s music is known for its combination of hard staccato rhythms and soulful, emotional melodies. Taking you a minute in a roll of sudden breaks and sharp beats then bringing you the next minute on a much more humane and melodic journey, Enduser is one of the most varied artists of the genre, and one whose tracks go the deepest. There's then no surprise that his concerts have been so much in demands, all accross the world, for the last decade. Let's prepare another memorable show for him in Berlin.

They might be a local act for Berlin, but we do not recognize our luck in having this collaboration between Dean Rodell and Current Value in our backyard. With a slew of EPs and two remarked albums, Machine Code have proved their place in the pantheon of the genre.
The most massive of bass, the most driven of tempo and the most pressure a sound system can take (and we know that Subland's can take a lot): Machine Code's tracks are known for being the very best in what can be produced in drum'n'bass and drumstep. Having performed with (and received accolades from) the likes of Noisia, DJ Hidden or The Outside Agency, Machine Code are one of the few heavyweights champion of d'n'b, playing gigs your ears will not forget.

Kirdec, C-Drik, Crno Klank, Axiome: under these monikers and many others hides the multi-talented and extremely prolific experimentator Cedrik Fermont. Originally from Belgium, now relocated in Berlin but constantly playing in the least probable of countries, this musician juggles with all sorts of alternative electronic music, from electro-accoustique to the harshet of noise, always pushing boundaries and spearheading these genres with incessant energy.
Kirdec is this musician's most broken and industrial project, and one with which he plays the hardest and most dance-oriented beats, though also the most thought-provoking and uncommon. Expect the unexpected.

+ DJ-sets by SOAK, VERTIGO, SONAIR and Nicolas Chevreux (Ad Noiseam)

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