2012 is near, here's how it will start.
Sunday, 11 December 2011 19:08

Easy choice of an illustration.

2011 is reaching its end, but instead of looking back and writing about what a year 2011 was (we'll do this in due time), it might also be time to already give a glimpse of what's coming at the beginning of next year on Ad Noiseam:

  • 2012 will start in an excellent way with two high-profile and highly expected EPs: Hecq's "Enceladus" (adn149, featuring Skyence, Mobthrow and Knight Riderz) and DJ Hidden & Broken Note / Niveau Zero & Balkansky "Existence / Obey" (adn155 and yes, that's quite a line-up).
  • a bit later in February, we'll present the first album by Underhill, "Silent Sirens" in which this band formed by Martina Hornbacher (of Therion fame), MC Coppa, Dean Rodell, Current Value and Ivan Shopov (Balkansky & Cooh) create something which will surprise many people and delight even more.
  • Niveau Zero might already be heard on the "Existence / Obey" EP mentionned above, but he'll also have another collaborative record out a bit later: Matta & Niveau Zero "Riot / Be Real", coming out in late winter / early spring.
  • Already announced here a few days ago is also the third album by Whourkr, a.k.a. Igorrr's insane metal project, joined this time behind the mic by Mulk.
  • TechDiff and Dead Fader are also putting the finishing touch to their new albums, which we expect to be able to present in the first half of the year.

That's already quite an earful which we are working on for early 2012. But stay tuned for more material from Larvae, Matta, Niveau Zero, Broken Note, Loop Stepwalker, Igorrr, at least a yet-to-be-announced new act and a couple of other surprises. 2012 might be our and your last year ever, so we'll make sure it is a good one.

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