A diverse Autumn: presenting four new Ad Noiseam releases.
Monday, 23 September 2013 14:27

Ad Noiseam releases: Stavros Gasparatos, Ruby My Dear, Monolog, DJ Hidden.

We had a long summer pause this year (busy as we are with the coming third edition of the Burn The Machine festival), but a lot of new music was beging written for you, which we are now getting ready to unveil. Four full-lengths, two new artists on the roster, two new albums from acts you know already: Ad Noiseam is happy to announce the release this Autumn of:

Stavros Gasparatos "Seven" - adn170 (CD) - September 30th
The first release for this Autumn (coming out in a week) is a new album by an artist we are very proud of being able to have on Ad Noiseam, as his music is at the same time very original and extremely deep. "Seven" is the album presentation of the soundtrack to a stage performance by Stavros Gasparatos, one of Greece's leading modern composers and sound-designers. Mature, coherent and very subtle, it is a beautiful journey through sharp electronic music and modern classical instrumentation. Evocative and powerful, this album carries the richness of the original live show, creates a rich sonic imagery and takes its listeners along a mysterious but elegant story. Information and audio excerpts / pre-order the CD / pre-order the digital version.

Ruby My Dear "Form" - adn171 (double LP / CD) - October 21st
Ruby My Dear's first album, "Remains Of Shapes To Come" was an impressive and very remarked one. Here comes his sequel, which is also the first vinyl release ever from this musician. Breakcore for the human ear and mind: Ruby My Dear takes his complex and energetic breaks to a new level with his second album. More organic, more flowing, this new full-length doesn't focus on one “Form” but shifts with elegance from hard to beautiful, from exhilarating to seducing. Enriched by a very lush sound and an impressive recording quality, it is the confirmation that Ruby My Dear is one of the top producers of the genre. Information and audio / pre-order the double LP / pre-order the CD / pre-order the digital version.

Monolog "2 Dots Left" - adn172 (CD) - October 21st
The second newcomer to Ad Noiseam this Autumn is an experienced musician, but also a (so far) very underrated one. Time to correct this. A hidden treasure no more: Monolog propels himself to the forefront of cutting edge drum'n'bass and electronica with this amazingly intense album. A lesson in music production and an impressive display of controlled madness, “2 Dots Left” is a tour de force made of deep basses, very percussive beats and high tempos. Monolog manages to makes his what most people could only experiment with and comes up with something which, while overwhelming at first, proves to be extremely absorbing and rewarding. Information and audio / pre-order the CD / pre-order the digital version.
Estrangement (featuring Dean Rodell):

DJ Hidden "Enclosed" - adn173 (double CD) - October 28th
DJ Hidden's third full length album is such a rich and encompassing experience that a few words can't do justice to its diversity and sharpness. A seamless combination of all of Noel Wessels's projects and tastes, it takes its listeners from the calmest, most evocative ambiences to the fastest, most pounding dancefloor highs. Nobody writes a track like DJ Hidden does, and we highly doubt that anybody is going to catch up with a musician whose blasts outside his expected boundaries with such commanding force, as “Enclosed” is a lot more than a regular album. Information and audio.
 The Wanderer:


We are now taking pre-orders for the albums by Stavros Gasparatos, Ruby My Dear and Monolog (with pre-orders for the DJ Hidden album coming very soon). As usual, pre-orders get a rebate: no matter the format you choose, you will not only get your new music before anyone else, but also for a bit cheaper. Therefore, act fast.

You can read more about these albums, as well as listen to many more tracks by hitting the various links above. As far as your eyes are concerned, here are the cover artworks for these albums already:

Stavros Gasparatos "Seven" - Ad Noiseam adn170

Ruby My Dear "Form" - Ad Noiseam adn171

Monolog "2 Dots Left" - Ad Noiseam adn172

DJ Hidden "Enclosed" - Ad Noiseam adn173

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