A heavier hurricane: The Teknoist's debut album now available on 2x12".
Saturday, 29 November 2008 00:49
ImageThe hurricane has now gained its full force, the zombies are unleashed: the 2x12" vinyl version of The Teknoist's first album, "...Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" (adn103 ) is now in stock and available , fresh from the pressing plant. More information and mp3s can be gathered over here , while you should go clicky here to get your copy  before your brains are eaten. Or read further after the click for more Teknoist related goodness.
The 2x12" version is here and ready to ship , with its full cover art painted by Raoul Sinier , but watch out as well for more undead breakcore with the CD version  (which has been available for a few weeks and contains three tracks taken from the splits 12" between The Teknoist and Eustachian released earlier this year on Ad Noiseam and Death$ucker). People in favor of digital zombies might also want to grab the digital download version  straight from Ad Noiseam.

ImageWatch out for this hurricane, the first full length album by The Teknoist is already making quite some waves:

Kid Kameleon (XLR8R): "The Teknoist has created the friendliest monster, or perhaps a monstrous friend, with this, his first album, his hurricane of sonic zombies. Endless creative twists and turns weave together (or is it weld and smash?) chunks of metal, jungle, hip-hop and even oddly touching ambient/string-y moments. It's an album that reminds you that the line between laughing and crying, hating and loving is sometimes so thin as to be indistinguishable. And for all it's raucous and riotous fun that's sure to mash-up any country that gives a damn about interesting electronic music (the world - America) and/or hardcore (the world + America), for all it's riffs that should leave punks happily sprawled in the mud, it's the moments of genuine feeling that make the whole thing work as an album. That make it worth listening to 70+ minutes of pure, mental, loveable, horrible and fantastic TEKNOISSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!" 

Macheeen Boi (Sustained Records): "When asked to write a review one of the best albums I have heard in years, by arguably one of the most talented producers out there, I wondered how I would keep it impartial.  Here goes... this album starts off about as ambient as hardcore can get and builds up to cover all respectable variations of core. The use of atmospherics and melodies seems to soften the blow of the unadulterated kick drum frenzy that ensues in the bottom end. This only adds more depth and emotion to the tracks, each one which genuinely feels to take you on a journey into the twisted brain wrong of a one-off man mental. There is not a single track that can be described as filler, each track is teaming if ingeniously engineered aggression. With this album The Teknoist sets the benchmark for producers who want to remain “dancefloor” friendly, but by experimentation can encompass a roller coaster of emotions, sounds, genres and ideas into one unique experience. The only downside to this album is not enough people will hear it."
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