Ad Noiseam guest mix for Electronic Explorations
Thursday, 27 May 2010 22:28
Ad Noiseam guest mix for Electronic Explorations

Electronic Explorations, the long-running podcast by Rob Booth, has become over the year one of the more reliable source for quality sounds and fresh talents on the net. With guest mixes by the like of Starkey, Milanese, Scuba (or Ad Noiseam's Raoul Sinier, Mad EP, Somatic Responses, Cardopusher and Broken Note), this internet radio show fully deserves the impact and influence it is having on today's electronic music sound.

Yours truely was therefore honored to be invited to provide a guest DJ set for a new episode of this show. It is now online for everybody to download and enjoy, directly here or from the Electronic Explorations website.

I tried to present something varied and interesting, which would feature Ad Noiseam artists as well as other people I listen to. There's some jazz in this, some doom-metal, a lot of bass and a lot of breaks, and I hope that it all mixes together well.

The playlist is below, the show is here. Once you have listened to this, feel free to leave a comment on the Electronic Explorations page . Thanks a lot to Electronic Explorations for making such a set available.

1. Mulatu Astatke "Yegelle Tezeta", from "New York - Addis - London", Strut
2. Oh No "Pardon Me" from "Dr. No's Ethiopium", Disruption
3. Munma "Bits And Dust" from "Previews & Premises", demo
4. Karsten Plfum, "Nemo Loon III", from "Nemo Loon EP", forthcoming on Ad Noiseam
5. Point B "Minerals", from "Suicide Beauty Spot", Combat Recordings
6. Asva "Beyonsense" from "Futurists Against The Ocean", Web Of Mimicry
7. Balkansky "A Cross" from "Kuker", Kuker Music
8. Loops Haunt "Impact Omnihammer" from "Impact Omnihammer", Black Acre
9. Amenra "Terziele" from "Mass III", Hypertension
10. Hecq "Tiamat" from "Sura", Ad Noiseam
11. Matta "Release The Freq", forthcoming on Ad Noiseam
12. Diamanda Galas "Confessional - Give Me Sodomy Or Give Me Death", from "Plague Mass", Mute
13. Broken Note "Flood", forthcoming on Ad Noiseam
14. Niveau Zero featuring The Unik "First" from "In_Sect", Ad Noiseam
15. Akira Kiteshi "Ming The Merciless" from "Ming The Merciless", Special Branch
16. Bong-Ra "Kraken" from "Monster", forthcoming on Ad Noiseam
17. Igorrr "Excessive Funeral" from "Nostril", forthcoming on Ad Noiseam
18. Jean Cocteau "Le Buste, DJ Spooky remix" from "Sound Unbound", Sub Rosa
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