Busy autumn: six new releases out now, and more coming.
Monday, 10 November 2008 14:42
ImageA new website wasn't enough: Ad Noiseam is happy to release no less than 6 new items to commemorate the new face of the label. Click on the titles for more information, or read more.

Funckarma "Dubstoned Vol. 2" - adn 99 - 12"

More than just dubstep: Funckarma make this genre theirs and re-write its foundation anew with this barrier-breaking record. Heavy but sharp, clear but dub-influenced, mid-tempo but infectious, the second volume of Funckarma's take on the dubstep genre is a new take at one of today's dominant genre by unequalled producers. Get this on 12"  / as mp3.

Larvae "Loss Leader" - adn101 CD
A work in two acts, Larvae's third full length album is a perfect snapshot of this band's tastes and talents. With a touching and poetic first part made of epic guitar melodies and drony atmospheres and a second act going back to Larvae's beatier and heavier "Monster Music" past, "Loss Leader" is at times poignant, at times playful. Another well thought step forward for the band (in two directions at once), and another impressive work for Larvae. Get this on CD  / as mp3.

Broken Note "Crux / Zealot" - adn102 12"
Broken Note puts the grist back in dubstep for their first record on Ad Noiseam, and demonstrate how heavy, dark and efficient this genre can be. Shattered, colossal and bridging dubstep and breakcore, the two tracks on this 12” are guaranteed to pack dancefloors and ruin a few subwoofers. Get this on 12"  / as mp3.

The Teknoist "... Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies" - adn103 CD / 2x12"
Hard, relentless, creative, monstrous, and still friendly: The Teknoist's first full length album is a storm of shattered pounding beats, anthemic riffs, and aggressive breaks. And still, it is also a humane and deep work that knows when to take the time to seduce its listener. Between the most insane moshpit and inventive melodies, here comes hurricane of yet uncharted magnitude. Get this on CD  / as mp3.
The 2x12" version  is coming out in the second half of November, but can be pre-ordered  right now.

Abelcain & Cdatakill "Passage" - adn104 CD
All good things are three: Abelcain and Cdatakill, two of the most essential breakcore act to have ever graced this scene, pair up once again on "Passage", a full length CD presenting for the first time their tracks from the "Six Stigmata" and "Playing with Knives" record, enriched by four new collaborations. Hard-hitting, highly varied and presenting anew some cornerstone material of the breakcore sound, "Passage" is a mandatory release not only for fans of these two veterans, but for anybody who intends on understanding what breakcore is about. Get this on CD  / as mp3.

Sickboy "Time To Play" - adn106 CD
Sickboy's exhilarating, enthusiastic and insane-as-ever fifth full length album features this musician's most infectious, catchiest and most efficient material. While the noise might be gone for good, Sickboy's new clothes are of the colourful party kind. Mixing old school rave, new school electro, breaks and madness, Sickboy hits the nail on its head and invites everybody to play, rave and party non-stop. Refreshing! Get this on CD as mp3.
This album will also be released on two separate 12", "Time To Play vol. 1 and 2" (adn107 and adn108), which will come out in December 2008 and February 2009.
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