Free Ad Noiseam label compilation, Autumn 2010 edition.
Thursday, 21 October 2010 00:55

Third volume for the Ad Noiseam free label compilations: it's been a long time since we hadn't brought up a volume of the free label sampler series, and now that the days are getting shorter and many new hot releases are on their way, it's time to offer again a taste of things that are and things to be.

The concept is still the same: this compilation features 13 tracks taken from past and future releases (and a video). It is given on CDR to each and every purchase from the online store. You can now download this compilation for free in a bandwidth-friendly resolution. And if you like what you hear and want to support the label and the artists, you can purchase a "supporters" edition, encoded at maximum quality and available for really cheap.

The first five tracks of this compilation are taken from forthcoming releases, it's therefore everybody's first chance to get a real taste of all the albums and EPs coming out on Ad Noiseam in November, from Igorrr, Subheim, Broken Note, Black Lung and Matta. The rest of the compilation features tracks from albums released in the last year. Who knows, maybe you don't know them all already. Enjoy.

The tracklisting for this third volume of the Ad Noiseam label compilations series is:
1. Subheim "Streets" - taken from "No Land Called Home" (adn133)
2. Broken Note "Flood" - taken from "Flood" (adn120)
3. Matta "Release The Freq" - taken from "Release The Freq" (adn137) and "Prototype" (adn138)
4. Igorrr "Excessive Funeral" - taken from "Nostril" (adn132)
5. Black Lung "The First Tender Cut" - taken from "The First Tender Cut" (adn135) and "The Soul Consumer" (adn136)
6. Bong-Ra "Cyclops" - taken from "Monster" (adn131)
7. Karsten Pflum "Nemo Loon part III" - taken from "Nemo Loon" (adn130)
8. Enduser "2/3" - taken from "1/3" (adn125)
9. Niveau Zero "First (feat. The Unik)" - taken from "In_Sect" (adn129)
10. Hecq "Tiamat" - taken from "Tiamat" (adn128)
11. Roel Funcken "Lajor Mazer" - taken from "Vade" (adn122)
12. Mothboy "You / Me" - taken from "Bunny" (adn123)
13. Detritus "Haunted" - taken from "Things Gone Wrong" (adn121)

+ video to Matta's "Mass" by ID:Mora.


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