Free "Enclosed #1" podcast by DJ Hidden.
Wednesday, 09 October 2013 10:19

Free "Enclosed #1" podcast by DJ Hidden.

We're exactly 19 days away from the release date of DJ Hidden's third full length album, the "Enclosed" double CD (adn173). This is a massive, rich and diverse album, and we intend at promoting it in the same way. Therefore, DJ Hidden has recorded no less than six different podcasts, each an hour long, which will be presented online little by little, on six different platforms.

Ad Noiseam is releasing the "Enclosed" album and therefore opening the dance with the first episode of the "Enclosed" series of podcast. This one focuses heavily on drum'n'bass, starting with the excellent "The Wanderer" track.

You can listen to this podcast here (1, 2, 3) or below. Press play, enjoy, and get ready for "Enclosed", which can now be pre-ordered on double CD or as digital files.


01. DJ Hidden - The Wanderer
02. DJ Hidden - Broken Seconds
03. DJ Hidden - Ghost Breath
04. DJ Hidden - The Words Below
05. DJ Hidden - The Narrators
06. DJ Hidden - The Ignorance
07. DJ Hidden - Drawn In
08. DJ Hidden - Here Lies The Confusion
09. DJ Hidden - Pareidolic
10. DJ Hidden - Scry 7734-5335-345
11. DJ Hidden - A Different Yesterday
12. DJ Hidden - Straightjacket
13. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant
14. DJ Hidden - The Dreamer
15. DJ Hidden - The Later After
16. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant (DJ Hidden's Other Side Remix)
17. Semiomime - Six Steps
18. DJ Hidden - Einstein

DJ Hidden's "Enclosed" album (adn173) will be released on Ad Noiseam on October 19th. It can already be pre-ordered (with a discount) on double CD and as digital files.

DJ Hidden's third full length album is such a rich and encompassing experience that a few words can't do justice to its diversity and sharpness. A seamless combination of all of Noel Wessels's projects and tastes, it takes its listeners from the calmest, most evocative ambiences to the fastest, most pounding dancefloor highs. Nobody writes a track like DJ Hidden does, and we highly doubt that anybody is going to catch up with a musician whose blasts outside his expected boundaries with such commanding force, as “Enclosed” is a lot more than a regular album.

DJ Hidden "Enclosed" - Ad Noiseam adn173

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