Friday Freebie: Ruby My Dear invites you to taste his new mix.
Friday, 14 March 2014 11:23

Friday Freebie: Ruby My Dear invites you to taste his new mix.
Friday Freebie: the Goûte Mes Disques (a.ka. "Taste My Records") has just published a brand new mix from and article about Ruby My Dear. Promoting his new "Form" album (adn171) and on the verge of a few new live dates (including a 13 Years Ad Noiseam birthday party in Bordeaux on April 20th), this artist showcases a lot of his new material, with a focus on the more laid-back, somewhat aerial side of his complex electronic music, but also includes tracks from his labelmates Fausten, Oyaarss and Igorrr (with whom a collaboration is revealed in the accompanying article) as well of his slightly more trip-hop sounding Digital Velvet side-project.

This "Goûte Mes Mix #35" podcast, the second Ad Noiseam-related one on this website following a mix by Raoul Sinier, can be listened to here or below. Sit back, enjoy, and do not miss either Ruby My Dear's "Form" nor his forthcoming live dates.

Before leaving you with the podcast itself, we should mention again that we are currently raising money to crowd-source a short film shot by the French director Lisa Chabbert to Ruby My Dear's track "Jitter Room" (taken from "Form", and played in this new mix). This crowdfunding campaign is still going on, and every Euro or dollar can help. You can find more information about this here.

1. Ruby My Dear - Oct Chrystal (Ad Noiseam)
2. Ruby My Dear - Jitter Room (Ad Noiseam)
3. Fausten - Punishment (Ad Noiseam)
4. Ruby My Dear - Shee (Blue Sub Records)
5. Ruby My Dear - Stax (Ad Noiseam)
6. Igorrr - Absolute Psalm (Ad Noiseam)
7. Oyaarss - Parejošs kaut kas (Ad Noiseam)
8. Ruby My Dear - AL Stro.bel (Peace Off)
9. Ruby My Dear - Chazz (Ad Noiseam)
10. Digital Velvet - Steady (Acroplane)
11. Digital Velvet - Lidocaine (Bedroom Research)
12. Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Ninja Tune)
13. Ruby My Dear - Spleen (Ad Noiseam)

Ruby My Dear "Form" - Ad Noiseam adn171

Ruby My Dear's "Form" (Ad Noiseam adn171) is out and available on double LP, CD and as digital files.

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