Friday Freebie: Stavros Gasparatos shows "how it goes" with an uncommon podcast.

Friday Freebie: Stavros Gasparatos shows "how it goes" with an uncommon podcast.
Friday Freebie: while Stavros Gasparatos is known mostly for his neo-classical creations, may it be his recent "Seven" album (adn170) or his soundtracks to movies and theatre plays (such as these three he has given away for free), his musical taste is broad and his ears open. This is something he demonstrates in a new podcast, titled "That is how it goes - sorry for the abuse", which he recorded and made available this week.

Oscillating between calm, classical-oriented moment (both with his own material and music from the likes of Ben Lukas Boysen, Ben Frost or Hauschka) and tracks taken from Ad Noiseam's Autumn 2013 releses (by Ruby My Dear, Monolog and DJ Hidden), this podcast is surprisingly coherent and harmonious. Don't be scared by this conjunction of styles and enjoy this mix, which you can listen to here or below.

1. Thaikovvsy - Hymn of the Cherubim
2. Monolog - Mutestates
3. Stavros Gasparatos - Lust
4. Ben Frost + Daniel Bjarnason - We don't need other words we need mirrors
5. Ruby My Dear - Annwvn
6. Hauscha - Kein wort
7. Stavros Gasaparatos - Pride
8. Ben Lukas Boysen - Only in the dark
9. DJ Hidden - Enclosed
10. Hildur Gudnadottir - Elevation
11. Clubroot - Summons
12. Michalis Siganidis - We are the aunts
13. Thaikovvsy - Hymn of the Cherubim

Stavros Gasparatos's "Seven" (adn170) is out now on Ad Noiseam and available on CD and as digital files.


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